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iMPACT 2/20/14: The Apologist’s Review

The show opens with Magnus and Dixie in the back talking about being nervous about their plans working out tonight, and MVP’s challenge at Lockdown. Dixie is clearly more focused on Lockdown while MAgnus wants her to focus on tonight and what they are going to do to make sure he beats Gunner in the main event. Eventually, they make their way to the ring, where Magnus calls out MVP to give him their decision about his challenge at Lockdown.  Magnus says he isn’t impressed or sacred of MVP, and if MVP gets in the way of him winning his World Title match, he will make an example out of MVP. MVP, says he doesn’t care about MAgnus’ insecurities about being a paper champion, and says he is only out there to get an answer for his challenge to Dixie at Lockdown. Magnus accepts the challenge, and says that unfortunately that he will be unable to captain Team Dixie in Lethal Lockdown, because he will be defending his World Heavyweight Championship against Samoa Joe, he continues saying that MVP should consider himself lucky, because if Magnus really wanted to he could make MVP his bitch. MVP attacks Magnus after that remark, but EC3 quickly hits the ring to come to the aide of Magnus.  Spud is seen telling security to keep The Wolves back, as they try to get passed him to the ring. Storm eventually comes out to make the save, and EC3 and Magnus scatter up the ramp to get away from him. As they do they bump into The Wolves  and Magnus uses EC3 to get away while The Wolves take out Carter.

Bobby Roode is seen entering the arena, they camera guy asks what he meant from the comments he made about wrestling last week, about needing time to figure things out. Roode says what he has to say he will tell everyone later tonight in the ring.

EC3 bursts into Magnus locker room. He is demanding answers from Magnus for abandoning him, so that The Wolves could beat him up. Magnus says he did what he had to do. HE tells EC3 to stop being so selfish and doo what was right for Aunt D and nor what’s wright for EC3.

Samoa Joe is in the ring and calls out anybody from Team Dixie can come get them some. The BroMans with DJ Zema Ion respond to the open challenge. Before they can get the jump on Joe and gets the numbers edge, Joe saud find we can just go three on one.

Samoa Joe vs. The BroMans with DJ Zema Ion: Tornado Tag handicap Match

Joe easily take all three men down quickly.  He eventually tries to single out Zema Ion, but this leads to the BroMans being able to recuperate and attack Joe from behind. They all start trading turns hitting some high impact moves on Joe. The BroMans pick Joe up and hold him while IOn climbs the turnbuckles, it takes him to long though, as Joe reverses it and makes Ion hit his own tag-team partners. The BroMans and Ion try to regroup on the outside, but to no avail as Joe takes out both Robbie E and Jesse with a suicide dive to the outside. Joe gets IOn back in the ring to set up the Muscle Buster. Ion fights it off initially, but the second time’s the charm as Joe hits the buster this time, and locks in the Coquina Clutch for the win.

Winner: Samoa Joe

In the back Christie Hemme is changing out her mic, with someone on the technical crew. Samuel Shaw is lurking in the background. The tech makes a joke and Christie laughs, and walks away. Shaw swiftly sneaks up behind the tech and takes him out. Shaw then grabs Christie’s old mic and caresses it.

Bobby Roode is in the locker room of James Storm. Roode talks about how some of his best memories are of Beer Money. He apologizes to Storm for everything he has done over the past couple of years, and takes blame for all the bad blood. Before Roode can go too much further, James Storm cuts him off and tells him, that they both know the buisness is a grind and that Roode needs to stay the course.  Roode tels Storm thank you, they hug it out, and Roode walks away.

Austin Aries is in MVP’s office. Aries asks MVP what he wants. MVP says he wants Aries as captain of Team MVP. Aries says he has been promised a lot of things form the people running TNA a lot of times and they haven’t ever followed through, and asks why he should believe MVP is any different.  MVP tells him he can’t change the past, but can promise him a better TNA if Aries helps MVP secure control over TNA. Aries says he is flattered and will have to think about it.

Gail Kim with Lai’D Tapa vs. Madison Rayne (C): Non-Title Street Fight Match

Madison Rayne attacks Gail Kim as she makes her entrance. Rayne gets the early edge using a cookie sheet.  Rayne keeps the momentum up until she lefts off for the shortest amount of time she uses to prop the cookie sheet in between the turnbuckles. Kim attack Rayne from behind and then finds a Kendo Stick, to choke the life out of Rayne. Rayne finally, hits a reversal and it’s straight into the propped up cookie sheet. Sending Kim to the floor. Rayne climbs off of the apron and hitting a move but Tapa was there intercept her. Tapa rams Rayne’s back into the edge of the ring before dropping her.  Kim sets Rayne up for the corner figure four and locks in, after that she goe to get a chair st smash Rayne’s knee into the ringpost. Before Kim and swing the chair thought Rayne kicks it right back into her face. As Kim gets back into the ring Rayne is lying in wait to hit a huge spear. The Spear  gets Tapa to climb into the ring. During the distraction Kim grabs the Knockout’s title and hits Rayne in the back of the head getting the pinfall for the win.

Winner: Gail Kim

In the back Anderson and Christie are hanging out as Anderson shows off baby pictures of his twins to Christie. Shaw is once again lurking and watching the interaction from a far, this time however, he sees the two and just walks away.

In the back the cameraman, is looking to get answer out of Ethan Carter the Third’s attack on Kurt Angle. EC3 says that everyone will just have to wait until Angle’s Hall of Fame induction next week.

gunner and James storm are in the locker room talking about Gunner;s title shot. Storm really works on putting over Gunner in every way as a pep talk. After the pep talk Gunner give Storm the briefcase with the world tag title shot, and says that it for Storm so they can have double gold.

Booby Roode heads to the ring and is in a very solemn tone. He says the being a pro wrestler was his dream and he has gotten to live it over the past 17 years, but even though he has been ruthless in the ring over the past couple, his attitude in the back was even worse making himself into a lone wolf in the locker room. He says that he is putting everything in the past, and  working on making his future better, and to do that he needs to step away from pro wrestling. Hearing this Dixie Carter storms out to the ring irate, telling him that he has a contract, and that he cannot decide when he leaves TNA, only she does.  Roode clearly doesn’t want to hear any of it. She tells him that she needs him as captain of Team Dixie at Lockdown. She even offers 10% of the company to him. Still believing it was too good to be true Roode gets her to agree that as long as Roode and his lawyers get to right up the contract that he wants.  He eventually can’t turn down a shot a becoming part owner of the company, but he does give Dixie one last warning, saying if she tries screwing him at all he will make her life a living hell.

Jermey Borash is in the back with the German Gut Check winner. We see Anderson and Christie are still in the back. Before Borash can even really get the interview started Shaw attacks Anderson. He throws he into Christie, then into a garage door, knocking them both out. Shaw picks up Christie and carries her away.

Bad Influence are in the back with Roode. Daniel is stocked about having a member of E.G.O. becoming part owner of TNA and all the new opportunities they are going to have because of it. Roode cuts him off mid stream, saying that Lethal Lockdown is too important ot just let all his friends on the team, they would have to prove themselves in their match.

The Wolves vs. Bad Influence

Kaz and Edwards start the match with some good chain wrestling that ends when Daniels distracts Edwards so Kaz can get the advantage.  Daniels is then quickly tagged in by Kaz, who continues to keep the early momentum on the side of Bad Influence, that is until he tries to sucker punch Richards. With that momentary lapse in concentration from Daniels,  Edwards gets the upper hand as Richards enters the ring as the wolves take out both members of Bad Influence.  They throw Kaz out fo the ring to work on Daniels, as Richards tries to climb up the turnbuckles, though, Kaz distracts him allowing Daniels to throw Richards all the way down to the floor, where Kaz can beat on him, with the ref distracted in the ring with Eddie Edwards. Back in the ring and daniels is pickup up where Kaz left up on Davey Richards, after a tag into Kaz he goes for a quick pin but only gets a two count. Kaz then swiftly puts Richards in a headlock. Richards fights out of it but a knockdown by Kaz allows him to tag out to Daniels. Bad Influence double teams Richards before Daniels goes for a pin, but only two. Daniels goes for another sucker punch, it doesn’t work this time though as The Wolves use it to take full advantage with Richards getting in the tag to Edwards. All four men hit the ring and The wolves quickly dispose of Kaz. Edwards hits the Chin Checker out of the corner while Richards lands a double foot stomp off the top rope, then another this time from Edwards, as he gets the pin and the win.

Winners: The Wolves

In the back Shaw has Christie and is laying her on a table. She starts to wake up and asks what happened. Shaw says to calm down and that everything will be alright. He notices the camera and starts charging towards it before the feed cuts.

Gunner vs. Magnus(C): No Disqualification match for the TNA World Heavyweight Title

The match starts of slow and is a bit of stalemate. Eventually, Magnus sinches in on a headlock and controls it for a while. Refusing to let go until Gunner gets into a position to use the ropes to whip Magnus off of him, leading to a series a knockdowns from both men. Genner winds up with the edge a throws Magnus into the corner, and charges in for a splash only to get a boot to the face., and then a knee to the back sending Gunner out to the floor. Magnus takes this as an opportunity to try and call for help, but do Magnus’ dismay james Storm and The Wolves are the ones who emerge from the curtain. This give Gunner a short lived offensive flurry off of the distraction, but  Magnus is able to slow down the match locking in a camel clutch on Gunner. Gunner gets to his feet breaking the clutch but is almost immediately caught in a sleeper hold. Which Gunner break with a back body drop. Both men take a while to get up, and start trading punches when they do. Gunner gets the better of Magnus and goes for a shoulder block off the ropes but runs into a knee instead. Magnus hit s an elbow drop off of the top turnbuckle, but only gets a two fall. Magnus then goes and grabs the belt to use a s a weapon, but he swings and misses, allowing Gunner the chance to set up Magnus for the Torture Rack, but Magnus fights out of it. the two both take each other out with a move off of the ropes.  EC3 and The BroMans hit the ring, coming in throw the crowd to avoid The Wolves and Storm. Ec3 and The BroMans face off with Storm and The Wolves as all six men fight into the back of the arena. After the fight Gunner is the first man to his feet and hits a huge power bomb on Magnus, followed by diving head butt. He goes for the pin, but Rockstar Spud puts Manus’ foot on the ropes at two. Gunner  starts chasing after Spud. The distraction is enough for Magnus to get the belt and this time connect with a shot to the head of Gunner, who still finds a way to kick out at two. Storm comes out again to try and keep Spud’s interference from happening again as Gunner clearly has all the momentum on his side now. Hitting a splash in the corner, followed by a slingshot suplex. Gunner then mounts the ropes to go for his headbutt again but Spud gets in between Gunner and Magnus, causing another distraction. Not for long this time though as Storm Comes in  and tosses Spud out of the ring with ease. Storm now in the ring cheering on his partner, as Gunner jumps off the top rope into a Last Call Superkick from James Storm. Magnus not really sure what’s going on goes for the pinfall and gets the 1,2,3.

Winner and STILL TNA World Heavyweight Champion Magnus

After the match both Spud and Magnus scurry up the ramp, leaving Storm in the ring standing tall over Gunner.

Overall another really solid episode of iMPACT. The Samuel Shaw story is great. there was some great in ring action and the stories are still really compelling. It was nice to see after year of being a bad guy Roode getting a face reaction from the crowd during his speech. Joe is still being booked like a unstoppable beast. Then the main event was shocking seeing James Storm turn heel on his partner they had tried to show as best of friends again. It really makes me want to see what’s going to happen next between the two, for the first time in this entire story. The knockouts match was great. Just nothing much to complain about in the entire episode.


2/6/14 iMPACT Review

The show opens with Eric Young and Abyss already brawling backstage. Abyss has the advantage and is using anything that he can get his hands on at this points. The keep battling and make there way to the stage, where the bell rings and the Monster’s Ball is officially underway.

Eric Young vs. Abyss: Monster’s Ball

There are trashcans filled with weapons already placed around the ring. Young grabs a pipe out of one of them and uses it to get his first real offence in the fight. He gets ride of the pipe and this gives Abyss the opening he needs to take back the momentum. Abyss gets a table out from under the ring and sets it up on the outside. He takes too long though and Young attempts to fight back. It’s no use, however, as Abyss just beats him down and throws him into the ring. Abyss throws some weapons into the ring giving Young time to recuperate, so that when Abyss tries to enter the ring Young can dropkick him off and send Abyss back to the floor. Young hits a suicide dive, and then tries to unmask Abyss. This fires up the monster as he takes control back. Back in the ring Abyss sets EY up for a splash with the chair on top of him. Young uses the chair to reverse the splash. He climbs the ropes and hits a missile dropkick,  goes for the pin, but Abyss kicks out. Abyss throws EY into a corner with a chair wedge in between the turnbuckles. Chokeslam from Abyss,  who goes for a pin, but only gets two. Abyss gets the taks and sets them up in the corner. He grabs EY and tries to superplex him onto the tacks, EY reverses and hits a float-over powerbomb onto the tacks, he tries for the pin but Abyss still kicks out. Young climbs the ropes, Abyss cuts him off and knocks him through the table that was set up on the outside. Abyss goes outside and throws Young back into the ring. Before reentering the ring himself, Abyss grabs “Janice”. Before Abyss can use the weapon however Young rips off his mask. This causes Abyss to drop it in the momentary shock, Abyss hits the black hole slam and gets the pinfall for the win.

Winner: Abyss

After the match, one of the weapons had some glass that was broken. Abyss grabs it and sees his unmasked self. Abyss looks confused and is in almost a state of shock as he looks at his reflection, and then sees his mask/wig on the ground, and it appears he is finally coming to the realization that Abyss and Joesph Park are one in the same.

Dixie Carter is in her office, and Bobby Roode comes in with his contract for a world title match at Lockdown against Magnus. She says that she doesn’t have the same amount of power she had when she made the promise to give him a title shot. Roode doesn’t care and feels that this is what he has earned by helping Magnus the past few weeks. She says the best she can do is put him in a Number One Contender’s match against Joe tonight. Roode doesn’t like the idea, but gives in and the match is set.

Back in the Arena M.V.P. is in the ring to give his first statements to the TNA audience. He says that in his past, he made mistakes and had to learn the hard way that every action has consequences. He goes on to say that there have been some people here in TNA that seem to have forgotten that, and he is here to remind them of it. He says that it is time for a change here in TNA, and that owners need to learn that they need to do what is good for the fans and for the wrestlers, and not just what strokes their own ego. He says that he found a group of people that share his vision and that they have the same view of a new TNA he does. This brings out Rockstar Spud to interrupt him. Spud says that Dixies would like to meet with MVP in her office so they can discuss the future of TNA and how that both MVP and her can work together. MVP says he will meet with her later, but first he made a match for tonight: Magnus vs. Kurt Angle in a non title match.

In the back Bully is standing with the coffin. He says that Anderson stole Bully’s family away from him, and next week he his going to steal Anderson away from his family, and that the next person Bully sees will be the next who has to pay for Anderson’s sins.

Chris Sabin is in what looks to be some sort of VIP area of a nightclub. He said that he is in a place that is near to both him and Velvet Skye’s hearts, and that after last week he knows that she is a woman worth fighting for.

Curry Man heads down the the ring for action. Before his opponent is introduced, though Bully Ray’s music hits and he wheels the coffin down to ringside. He tells Curry Man that he is in the wrong place at the wrong time. Curry Man charges at Bully who lifts his leg and hits a big boot on Curry Man. He sets up Curry Man for the pile driver. Bully screams “Anderson” and nails hits the piledriver. He then puts Curry Man in the coffin, and says that he is going to end Anderson’s career as he closes the lid on Curry Man.

Magnus is in Dixie’s office complaining about his match with Angle. Dixie says that he has nothing to worry about since it’s non title. He says ok and walks away. Ethan Carter the Third walks in saying he needs to talk to her. She says he has no time for him and shews him away. He looks annoyed but leaves.

Austin Aries is in the ring talking about his plans for 2014. He says he plans to hold onto the X Division title and use it to become World Champion at Destination X. The Bro Mans music hits and they come out to the stage. During the distraction Zema Ion attacks Aries from behind. He then announces he is cashing in his Feast or Fired briefcase for an X Division Title shot. The bell rings and the match is started.

Zema Ion vs. Austin Aries(C): X Division Championship

Ion immediately goes for the pin on the downed Aries, but only get two, after a couple more quick yet unsuccessful pin attempts  Ion rolls him out of the ring and hits a baseball slide dropkick. They fight on the outside for a moment before Ion rolls Aries back into the ring. Ion waits on Aries to get back up and hits a flying DDT from the apron, but once again can only get a two count. Ion climbs the ropes and attempts a spinning moonsault , but Aries rolls out of the way. Aries then hits the discuss clothesline and send Ion into the corner for the dropkick. Aries hits the brainbuster and gets the pinfall for the win.

Winner and Still X division Champion: Austin Aries

In the back Christie Hemme is in her dressing room. Samuel Shaw comes up to talk to here. She is freaked out a little and says they need to talk about what happened last week. He says he is just an avid collector of beautiful things, and he is sorry.  She still doesn’t like it and freaks out a little about the mannequin. She says that they should keep their relationship professional, and just be co workers. Shaw say ok but has rage in his eyes as she walks away from him.

Roode is getting ready in the back. He in’t happy about having to face Joe for the title shot he feels is already his. Magnus stops by as he hears rude complaining. Magnus tells Roode, that the favors he has done over the past few weeks were really just part of his job and he should be expecting anything special for doing his job. Roode says the only good thing about beating Joe tonight, is that it means he gets his title shot a Lockdown.

MVP visits Dixie’s office. He asks her to tell him all about herself. She goes off on a tangent about TNA being all her work. How she has done everything for TNA to get it where it is today. Taking credit for everything. MVP is clearly not buying a word of it however. When they get to the point about talking about the future of TNA and how they need to work together to come up with a shared vision, MVP says that this is a conversation that fans need to a part of, and not just behind closed doors. They agree to meet in the ring later tonight.

Kurt Angle vs. Magnus: Non Title Match

The match goes back and forth with wrestling holds to start off with. Angle sends Magnus off the ropes and hits a belly-to-belly slam on Magnus to take control of the match, but before Angle can get too much momentum built up Magnus goes to the eyes to cut of his offence. Angle come roaring back with the three german suplex’s though before Magnus can take much advantage. Angle goes for the Olympic Slam, but once again Magnus goes to the eyes to cut angle off.  Magnus then goes to climb the ropes, but Angle cuts him off with a suplex of the turnbuckle and immediately locks in the ankle lock.  Before Magnus can tap out EC3 hits the ring to cause the DQ.

Winner: Kurt Angle

After the match EC3 continues to attack Angle, centering his attack on the knee. EC3 shows a side of viciousness we have yet to see and he uses everything he can to make sure he takes out Angle knee for good. When EC3 finally relents he just takes a knee at ringside to watch as the medical staff strap Angle to the stretcher and wheel him to the back.  Once in the back Samoa Joe is back there waiting, telling Angle everything will be alright. He says that if Dixie tries any of her tricks in his match tonight they won’t work. That it doesn’t matter how long it takes that he will win the war against Dixie and her minions and get vengeance for all the guys in the back.

Eric Young is in his locker room. He says that Monster’s Ball went the way it needed to go, because he had to show Joesph Park who he really is, and that he did that tonight when he unmasked Abyss. The only problem now is that for the first time he doesn’t know what will happen next.

Sabin is still in the VIP room from earlier. He says that this is the place he and velvet shared their first kiss and tonight something special is going to happen, as he pulls a ring box out of his pocket. Velvet enters the room and Sabin tells her they need to talk. He says that last week after she broke up with him he realized something. That for the first time in a long time he has been seeing things clearly. He gets down on a knee and pulls of the box from his pocket. Velvet looks shocked as he hands her the box and says he has something to ask her. She opens the box to reveal it to be empty, and Sabin asks here to get out of his life. He says he is tired of only hearing about Velvet. That everything even when he was World Champion was about her and he is sick of it, and they should settle it like wrestlers in the ring.

Bobby Roode vs. Samoa Joe: Number One Contender’s Match

The match beings with the two trading kicks back and forth. Joe gets the advantage and sends Roode into the corner. Joe washes Roodes face which only serves to fire him up. Roode hits a back elbow sending joe to the apron, where he hits a standing dropkick knock Joe to the floor. Joe gets right back in the ring and the two trade chops. Roode hits a neckbreaker off of the middle rope, and gets a one count. He locks in the reverse headlock. Joe fights it off and hits the quick jabs on Roode once he gets to his feet. Joe hits the big boot, then goes for the backsplash, but Roode moves out of the way. Roode goes for the knee drop but Joe gets out of the way. Roode sends Joe off of the ropes and hits the Double R Spinebuster. Joe gets right up and powerslams Roode. He tries to set up the Muscle Buster, but Roode escapes. Roode tries to lift Joe up for the Roode Bomb, but Joe slips away. Joe tries to lock in the Coquina Clutch, but Roode fights it off and sends Joe to the corner. Roode charges in but gets caught by the STJoe. Joe sets up the Muscle Buster, and locks in the Clutch for the submission victory.

Winner and Number one contender: Samoa Joe

Dixie comes out the ring and tries flatter MVP with his introduction. MVP comes to the ring. They say they are here to talk about the future of TNA. Dixie starts talking about Magnus as a champion that they can be proud of. MVP is clearly not buying what Dixie is selling. When Dixie says that there are some things that need to be changed to make TNA better, MVP takes over. He says that the biggest problem in TNA has been mismanagement from Dixie. He tells her that the party is over, and that she now has somebody to hold her responsible for her actions and that he is not going to work with her and that he is here to stay.

A decent episode, a really strong start, and MVP worked the mic really well in his new position. The monster’s ball match was great as was the number one contender’s match. Everything seemed to have a purpose, and move forward. Ethan Carter is seemingly being groomed for a face turn with Dixie scorning him over the past couple of weeks. The wolves still haven’t had a match and weren’t even in this episode which is kind of disappointing. There wasn’t too much bad in the episode, there wasn’t as much in ring action, and there was a large part of the first hour that was all talk, and slowed the episode down. Overall a pretty good episode, not as good last week and hopefully next week with the casket match it will keep up the momentum.

TNA iMPACT review 1/30/13: Who is the investor?

The show kicks off with Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe being separated from Magnus, Rockstar Spud, and Ethan Carter the Third in the back. Magnus, Spud, and EC3 all head to the ring after security got Joe and Angle off of them. Magnus is hardly able to with the crowd giving him and the trio in general so much heat. He brags about beating Sting last week, and kicking him out of TNA. He says that Sting was just the next in a long line of victims while he and Dixie Carter start clearing out the dead weight in TNA: AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, Sting and any other “dinosaurs”. They are doing this to clear the way for the new generation of TNA superstars: The BroMans, Rockstar Spud, and himself. He did purposefully snub EC3 from that list which causes EC3 to try and interrupt, but Angle and Joe hit the ring and make the trio scatter back to the stage. Angle says that he and Joe made the trip to the UK for one reason, and that is to seek vengeance for AJ and Sting. Angle says that they both were screwed out of their title shots, and if Magnus keeps having to win the way he has been, he really is nothing more than a paper champion. Magnus takes offense to this and says if those two are looking for a fight why don’t they team up to face him and EC3 in the main event. They agree, but Magnus decides to push it even further getting both Angle and Joe to put up their contracts. They agree on the condition that if they win the winner of the fall becomes the new number one contender. Magnus initially agrees, but Dixie comes out to put a stop on it. After some conversation between her and Magnus, eventually Magnus gets her to concede and the match is on for tonight.

A black van pulls up to the arena and The Wolves are seen getting out, they say that everybody’s questions will be answered tonight

The Beautiful People (Velvet Skye & Madison Rayne) vs. Lai’D Tapa and Gail Kim

Kim and Tapa are already in the ring as The Beautiful People make their entrance. As they get to the ring and Kim and Tapa attack getting the match started. Kim and Rayne eventually end up as the two legal knockouts, while Kim has the clear advantage. This doesn’t last long as after Rayne dodges an attack in the corner from Kim. Rayne gets the tag into Velvet who takes control of the match right away. She attempts the In Yo’ Face but Tapa breaks it up. Rayne comes in to take Tapa out as they brawl to the outside. Skye is the first one up and this time hits her move and gets the pinfall for the win.

Winners: The Beautiful People (Velvet Sky & Madison Rayne)

A short match but the ladies all looked good in the parts that they played. It was nice seeing the Beautiful People back together even if it was only a one night thing, it was even better to see Skye back in the ring after months of just being at ringside with Sabin.

After the match Sabin comes flying down to the ring demanding answers from Skye. He asks why she has been avoiding him all week. He tells her that she should be beside him and behind him in everything and not costing him matches and championships. He says that he will forgive her however, as long as she apologizes for her actions. She takes the mic and says she only has one thing to tell him. “We’re Done” and she storms off, while Sabin goes nuts in the ring.

Angle and Joe are going through the back, they say they aren’t going to be screwed out of their contracts like Sting was last week as they barge into Bobby Roode’s locker room. Joe grabs him as he and Angle both tell Roode that he better think twice before interfering the the main event tonight. Roode says he is flattered that he is such a huge threat to them, and while he could take on either one of them one on one, he isn’t stupid or crazy enough to try and take them both on at the same time.

Back in the arena James Storm makes his way to the ring. He says that he and Gunner go way back, to even before Gunner made his debut in TNA. That they once were really good friends but lately something has changed and tonight is the night that is is all going to come to and end, and he calls out Gunner. Gunner comes down to the ring and says that they both have the same goal in TNA and that is to become champion and to be one of the greats. Gunner continues and talks about his time in the Marines and fighting not for the government, but for his brothers in arms, and the men right beside him. He gives such a truthful speech about his time as a Marine that even though the show is in Scotland, there is a pretty strong USA chant going. He ends the speech says that at one point he felt that he fought along side Storm in the same way through the tag team division, then he took his shot and got the briefcase in the feast or fired match and ever sense then Storm has been petty and jealous. Storm says that Gunner is right and that he has been acting jealous. Bad Influence interrupt before it gets too sappy, and try to drive the wedge back in between Storm and Gunner, by challenging them to a tag team match where the winner of the fall gets possession of the briefcase and the title shot. Gunner and Strom agree by starting a brawl between the four and the match is underway.

Bad Influence(Kaz & Daniels) vs. Gunner&Storm: the winner of the fall gets possession of the briefcase

Eventually Storm and Kaz become the two legal men to start the match.  Storm has the advantage and gets in a quick tag to Gunner. Gunner can’t maintain the offense and Kaz tags in Daniels right away. Bad Influence then use double team tactics and a lot of quick tags to keep the offensive momentum on their side.  Gunner starts to mount a little bit of offense, but when he goes to tag Storm, he isn’t there because Daniels has him distracted outside the ring, allowing Kaz to build up the offense yet again. Gunner hits a reverse elbow and goes for the pin. but this time the ref is distracted by Storm and doesn’t even have a chance to count. Finally, Gunner does it a tag into Storm who quickly starts taking out both members of Bad Influence. Storm attempts an Eye of the Storm, but it gets reversed and Kaz dropkicks Storm into the corner where Gunner tags himself in. Gunner lays out Kaz then hits the diving headbutt for the pin and the win.

Winners: Storm&Gunner; Gunner maintains possession of the briefcase

It seems that TNA is finally done with the high school drama, jealousy angle between Gunner and Storm, who even though they had hiccups at the beginning, by the end, they were working like a well oiled machine once again, giving TNA another tag team to build back up that division.

In Dixie’s office both her and Spud are freaking out about the investor being there and trying to figure out who it is. Dixie sends Spud to go get answers from The Wolves. She then calls up her lawyer trying to figure if there is anything he can do to help them out, or tell her anything. She gets annoyed when he can’t help, and Roode enters into her office. Roode says he was promised a title shot for helping Magnus beat AJ Styles and then again for helping him beat Sting, and he wants it at Lockdown.  Dixie tries telling him she doesn’t have time for this right now, but Roode demands he get an answer. She begins to pull out her checkbook, but Roode stops her saying that money isn’t what he wants, he wants an answer about his title shoot, and until he gets it, he isn’t helping her out anymore.

ODB and Eric Young are in the back talking about his match tonight. She is questioning how smart it is to be teaming with Abyss. Young tries telling he that everything will be alright and that this is all part of the plan. She reclunctly says ok, as Abyss walks up with his bag of tacks.

Rockstar Spud makes his way to the ring. He says the Dixie has sent him out to get answers from The Wolves about who the new investor is. The Wolves come to the ring and Spud starts playing tuff talking about how he beat Samoa Joe within an inch of his life last week, and that he is the one that took out Jeff Hardy so Magnus could win the title. He works himself up so much that when The Wolves refuse to answer he slaps Davey Richards. The Wolves then attack and take out Spud with ease. Eddie Edwards takes the mic, and once again says that the investor will revel himself tonight, and also that the investor has said that if anybody interferes in the main event tonight, they will be fired on the spot.

Abyss & Eric Young vs. The BroMans w/ DJ Zema Ion(C): Tag Team Championships

Robbie E and Young start the match off. Robbie gets in the first few movies but Young makes the quick comeback. Young sends Robbie into the corner where Abyss is and Abyss starts choking him making the ref and Young get Abyss off of Robbie. Young tries to talk Abyss down after he lets go of Robbie. The distraction allows Robbie to tag in Jesse and get the sneak attack on EY. It doesn’t last long however, as EY goes back on the offense quickly, but once again as soon as Jesse is within arms reach of Abyss he grabs him by the throat. EY once again convinces Abyss to let him go before they get disqualified. Once again, this gives the BroMans the advantage. This happens a few more times before Abyss finally tags himself into the match and easily disposes of the BroMans. DJ Zema Ion climbs the turnbuckle and looks as if he is going to interfere but Abyss grabs him by the throat. The ref gets Abyss to finally let go of Ion, and for his trouble Abyss picks up the ref and sets him up for the Shock Treatment. EY pleads with Abyss to let the ref go, but to no avail as Abyss hits the move on the ref getting his team disqualified.

Winners: The BroMans.

After the match EY tries confronting Abyss, and tries to get answers from him. Abyss chokeslams EY and begins to walk away. EY grabs a mic and says that, of Abyss wants to get crazy, then there is one last experiment  for them to run. Monster’s Ball. Abyss seems to accept the match, saying he is going to hurt EY.

Not really much of a match at all. The BroMans looked good and flowed well together as a team, while EY couldn’t even really get the monster under control. Really seems that the Monster’s Ball match between the two could finally be a payoff to the Joe Park/Abyss angle.

Outside the arena the wolves are seen getting back in the van to talk to the investor.

Bully Ray is pushing a coffin towards the ring.

A video clip from a date between Samuel Shaw and Christie Hemme is shown. They are having drinks, and Shaw seems to be holding his hand really close to the candle on the table which freaks Christie out a little bit, but Shaw plays it off well. They then go on a tour of Shaw’s place. It is very sparsely filled with just a mattress on the floor in the bedroom. Christie seems to be enjoying herself however. At one point Shaw takes her hair down and steals a piece of it, as she walks away he is seen sniffing the strand of hair. They come upon a darkened room that Shaw pushes Christie away from. He then walks in and turns on the light to reveal a huge shrine to her with a mannequin dressed to look like her. He smells the hair again before adding it to the wig of the mannequin and kissing it before returning to Christie.

Bully Ray is in the ring with the coffin beside the ring. He talks about how Anderson has taken everything away from him: his championship, his family, his club, and his entire life. Bully says that the only way to get back at Anderson now is putting him to rest in a coffin, and challenges Anderson to a casket match. Anderson comes down and stands beside the coffin, while Bully gets out of the ring and stands on the other side of it. Anderson asks what Bully’s plan is. Bully responds to put Anderson in the coffin then to pile drive Anderson’s wife and kids. Anderson’s accepts and the opens the coffin lid hitting Bully int he face with it. They start to fight and Anderson has the advantage the entire way. Eventually, Bully scurries away.

In the back, EC3 and Magnus are getting ready for the main event. There is obvious tension between Magnus and EC3, with Magnus calling EC3 “green” and saying the only reason that he is in TNA is because he has the right last name. Dixie enters into the locker room, and Magnus becomes all smiles and even says a few good things about EC3. He and Dixie walk off, with Dixie only saying good luck to EC3 as an after thought as she walks out.


Samoa Joe & Kurt Angle vs. Magnus & Ethan Carter the Third

Angle and EC3 start the match off. Angle gets the early advantage and tags in Joe. Joe goes to work with his fast passed high power offense with a lot of quick kicks and jabs that keep EC3 on the ropes. Joe tags Kurt back in who slows the pass down a little with his more methodical style, but its just as effective. Kurt attempts a shoulder block in the corner, but EC3 moves out of the way and Angle runs into the corner. EC3 tags Magnus who is immediately on top of Angle.  Behind the arena The Wolves get out of the van with a third person but it is unclear who it is. Back to the ring, Magnus is still in control beating on Angle in the corner. Magnus tags in EC3 who goes straight for a pin attempt, but Angle kicks out. EC3 puts the sleeper hold on Angle who fights out of it, only to get hit by a clothesline from EC3. EC3 throws Kurt into the corner, but he misses with the double knees giving Angle the chance to tag Joe back into the match just as EC3 tags in Magnus. Joe comes out on fire hitting a bunch of his big moves in a row and taking over the match. Joe locks in the cross arm breaker on Magnus only to have it broken up by EC3. Angle comes in to take care of EC3, and Joe locks in the Coquina Clutch and gets the submission win.

Winners: Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle; and by virtue of winning the fall Joe is now the number one contender

Dixie comes storming out of the back saying she knew this was going to happen and starts to berate Magnus and EC3. She gets cut off by Samoa Joe however, who gloats about the victory, saying that when push came to hove Magnus just couldn’t cut it. Angle takes over and says that after beating Roode last week, and with the win tonight, he is back and is ready to accept his Hall of Fame induction, he tells Dixie to be sure to invite her new investor to the party. This sends Dixie over the edge as she demands the investor to reveal himself. The lights go dark and a new music hits. The lights come back out and The Wolves enter onto the stage followed by M.V.P. as iMPACT goes off the air.

Really good entertaining episode. Probably the best all around episode in a while. Finally there was a solid main event without it being an overbooked mess. The knockouts looked good, the worst storyline is seemingly over as Storm and Gunner are a tag team again. Then the investor angel got a little bit of a payoff with the MVP reveal. While, there is certainly going to be a little bit of a backlash of the investor being MVP, the fact that it was only a two week build till the reveal gives TNA a lot of leeway with how big the name had to be. They didn’t really build up the mystery all that long, so the reveal while big news wasn’t ever going to be huge. Much better to reveal MVP right away than after a month or two of build and speculation. Overall, after the worst week WWE has had in a while, TNA put on their best show in a while which is what they needed. Did they win any converts tonight, probably not, but there were a lot of scorned WWE fans that might have been watching and looking for something different, and TNA certainly put their best foot forward tonight.






iMPACT Review: TNA Genesis Part 1

The Show starts with Rockstar Spud in the ring, the crowd already booing him. He praises Dixie Carter for doing what she said she was going to do and that is bring the World Heavyweight Championship back home to TNA. She comes down to the ring and talks about what happened to AJ is what happens when you cross the boss, and if anyone else is wanting to play the same thing will happen to them. She then talks about tonight being the beginning of a new era in TNA, and how the role model of that new era is her champion Magnus. Magnus cuts a promo about the start of the reign of Magnus. Dixie then says none of this would be possible if it wasn’t for the help of Team Dixie and invites them down to the ring. The Bro Mans with DJ Zema Ion, EGO, Gail Kim and Lai’d Tapa all head to the ring. Dixie gives them all a huge thank you and says that they will be well rewarded in their next paychecks. She goes on to talk about the with a house all on the same page that TNA will finally be able to begin a new era, and after tonight the last man standing in the way will be delt with by her nephew Ethan Carter the Third. EC3 makes his entrance, but before he can say anything Sting’s music hits and he is in the audience. Sting cuts a really good promo about how TNA is actually a house more divided than ever. Starts calling out Magnus as still being a paper champ and that he has sold out. He then says that we want revenge for last week. This brings out Samoa Joe, Joseph Park, Eric Young, Gunner, Storm, and ODB and a huge brawl begins. Sting eventually corners EC3 in the ring and starts beating him with a bat before team dixie starts to retreat. Rockstar Spud comes back out with a ref and says that if they want to fight they are going to have a 12-man tag right now

Team Dixie(Bad Influence, The Bro Mans, DJ Zema Ion, and Lai’D Tapa) vs. Team Sting(Samoa Joe, Gunner, James Storm, Eric Young, Joesph Park, and ODB)

This isn’t much of a tag team match as it is just a series of random encounters throughout the brawl that never really stopped. Joe and Ion are the first two in the ring and Joe has no problems taking care of Ion. The next two are ODB and Tapa who battle for a short while before they both go tumbling to the outside, letting Daniels and Storm take center stage, that Storm gets the better of before they continue the fight outside the ring. Gunner and kaz are in the ring for a split second, before Robbie E and EY start a good back and forth in the ring, while everybody goes to their corners finally. EY starts to get eh offence going which brings Jesse in to try and make the save, but Park negates that for a little bit. Eventually, however, the Bro Mans do start double teaming EY, after Ion gets involved. Ion start celebrating only to get cut off by a fallaway slam by ODB. Tapa takes her out with an NFL-like shoulder tackle, bringing in EY and Daniels to slow down the action, with a chin lock on EY. EY fights back and gets the tag into Joe, who goes off on Daniels, before diving through the ropes to take out the Bro Mans. Kaz and Park are now in the ring and Kaz takes down Park with a kick to the face. The kick busts open Park’s lip and the Abyss personality appears and takes out everybody on Team Dixie, and even Gunner and Storm who happened to get in his way. Eventually the only two left in the ring are Joe and Daniels. Joe locks in his Coquina Clutch for the win.

Winners: Team Sting(Samoa Joe, Gunner, James Storm, Eric Young, Joesph Park, and ODB)

This match was at the very best controlled chaos. It was a good segway from last week, into this week however with the good guys getting retribution for the hits that were taken out on them last week. It also shows where the battle lines are starting to be drawn for the near future.

In the back, Velvet Skye and Austin Aries are talking, but get interrupted by a clearly jealous Chris Sabin, when Velvet won’t say what they were talking about he says they will talk about in the ring.

Kurt Angle is shown arriving and is on the hunt for Dixie Carter and/or Al Snow.

In the ring, Sabin is berating Velvet. It doesn’t take long for Aries to come to the ring in defense of Velvet. Sabin asks Aries if he is trying to steal Velvet away from him. Aries says that isn’t the case and he is just telling her to stick up for herself, and her man actually be a man. This turns into a challenge for the X division belt, but with the stipulation that Velvet be in a cage at ringside, to make sure Sabin can get the job done himself. Sabin doesn’t want to agree, but Velvet cuts him off saying she never wanted to be put in the middle of his matches in the first place and accepts for him. 

In the back once again and Kurt is still on the hunt for Dixie. Also, Bruce Prichard is seen walking up and talking to Samuel Shaw. Prichard says he really liked Shaw’s performance in the ring, but needs to get over his creepy obsession with Christie Hemmee. As soon as Shaw hears Prichard says Christie’s name he goes from respectful of the praise to full on crazy and beats the hell out of Prichard, screaming to never say her name again.

Magnus walks into the locker room of EC3 and gives him a pep talk about Sting, and how EC3 needs to take Sting very seriously. There is a little bit of tension between them as they both feel like they should be Dixie’s go to guy, but it’s really down played. 

Back to the ring and Bully Ray is headed out for his match against Ken Anderson. Anderson attacks Bully from behind and the match is underway. 

Bully Ray vs. Ken Anderson No Disqualification match

Anderson has the early advantage after the sneak attack as the brawl outside the ring. Eventually they both get in the ring and bell sounds to get the match officially started. Anderson continues to have the advantage and goes for the Mic Check to end this one early but Bully reverses it and gets his first offense of the night. Bully almost immediately goes outside to get a chair, on the other side of the ring however anderson is doing the same. When they both get back in the ring they play dueling chairs that Anderson gets the advantage of quickly. He gets a little over zealous however allowing Bully to hit a spear and take get the offense going. Bully places a chair on top of Anderson and grabs his chain and wails away. He then wraps the chain around his arm and hits an elbow drop on Anderson, but only gets the two. Bully gets in the face of the ref allowing Anderson to take out Bully. Anderson goes under the ring and finds a section of guardrail. They both take turns trying to hit splashes on the guardrail and both hit nothing but guardrail. Anderson, recovers and hits a Mic Check on the guardrail, and goes for the pin, but only gets a two count. Undeterred Anderson grabs a table from under the ring and hits a Green Bay Plunge through the table, but once again can only manage a two count on Bully. Anderson now getting frustrated grabs a second table, but is cut off as he gets back into the ring. Bully sets up the table and then goes and grabs the lighter fluid from under the ring. He taunts Anderson with it which just gets Bully Mic Checked. Anderson sprays the fluid all over the table but before he can light it Bully hits a low blow, and a jumping piledriver for the win.

Winner: Bully Ray

This was a really physical bout. Lots of weapons and strong moves. Both men looked like they wanted to kill each other. Bully gets the win in the end, but it feels like he still hasn’t gotten the revenge he seeks for the death of the Ace’s & 8’s. 

Kurt Angle is still searching for Dixie when he finds Al Snow, he grabs him and starts looking for answers, but when Snow won’t talk, Angle throws him down and is on his way to the ring. In the ring, Dixie says involving his family  last week was across the line and calls Dixie out to the ring. Dixie comes to the ring and tells Angle that things are changing in TNA and he just needs to look at the big picture. She says she did what she did to protect him. She did want Kurt getting himself hurt, because then he wouldn’t be able to make any money for her or his family. She tells Kurt to trust he because she doesn’t want him making the same mistakes as AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy. Angle tells her thanks, but no thanks and that after his match, he will be in Sting’s corner tonight. Dixie at this point says Kurt is clearly not in a mental state to be able to wrestle and says the match will happen next week, and then asks security to escort Kurt from the building. When Kurt won’t leave, Roode comes down hits his version of the Attitude Adjust, now being called the Roode Bomb, on Angle. 

Jermey Borash is in the back, with Madison Rayne. Before Rayne gets a chance to talk Tapa gets in her face and Kim attacks her from behind leaving Rayne is bad shape for their match.

Dixie is in the back with Earl Hebner, she tells him that due to his actions in the AJ Styles match last week he won’t be the official for the Sting vs. EC3 match tonight, and she says she has the perfect ref in mind. 

Madison Rayne vs. Gail Kim(C) Knockout’s Championship match

Rayne is clearly the worse for wear as the match gets underway, giving Kim the early momentum. But a reversal shows Rayne still has signs of life, before Kim gets the offense rolling once again. KIm starts to get a little cocky and starts trash talking Rayne who fires up and eventually knocks Kim out of the ring in an offensive flurry. Rayne chases after Kim but is cut of by Tapa who picks Rayne up in a choke. The ref steps in and sends Tapa to the back for the interference. The damage has already been done however as this gives Kim the opportunity to lock on the figure four around the ring post. Rayne rolls out of the ring and as Kim lets the ref count Rayne barely makes it back in in time. Kim tries splashing Rayne in the corner, but Rayne uses kims momentum against her to throw her down and get the pin and become new Knockout’s champ.

Winner and New Knockout’s Champion: Madison Rayne

Nothing to special about this match unfortunately as typically the knockout’s have really good matches. The ending was also somewhat sudden as it wasn’t a typical finisher to end the match.

Sting is with JB in the back and says that he knows he has a lot of friends in the back, but he doesn’t want them to help him out tonight, because all tonight is about is getting his hands on EC3. 

Dixie is in her office talking to The American Wolves. She says that she can’t wait to see their tryout match, and hopes that she is impressed enough to grant them a contract. The Wolves inform her they actual already have signed TNA contracts, and hand her a legal envelope. She reads it as it says TNA has a new investor.

 The introductions are made for both EC3 and Sting, as they wait on there special ref. Rockstar Spud

Ethan Carter the Third vs. Sting w/ Rockstar Spud as the guest Referee

This match is all Sting. The only time EC3 ever gets anything going is when Spud interferes. Initially Spud kept Sting from doing anything in the corners always insisting on a clean break. Sting got feed up and to the match to the outside and ran EC3 into the steps and suplexes him on the ramp. Once they get back in the ring however Spud tries to stop Sting from hitting a Stinger splash which leads to EC3’s biggest offensive flurry of the match. Sting cuts it off and finally hits the splash in the corner and locks in the Scorpion death lock. Spud attacks Sting to break up the hold. This doesn’t stop sting at all however as he fights off both Spud and EC3. Sting hits the death drop, and  SPud refuses to count. Sting literally grabs Spud’s hand and forces him to count, but Magnus pulls Spud out of the ring. Magnus takes his shirt off to reveal a striped shirt on, while Sting is distracted EC3 goes for the roll up, and Magnus quick counts Sting giving EC3 the win.  

Winner: Ethan Carter the Third

This was really more a of a squash making Sting look super strong more than anything. The only times when EC3 showed any life at all where when Spud was getting in the way. The quick count keeps the undefeated streak alive, and now EC3 can say he beat Sting.

After the match Sting grabs a mic and tells Magnus he will do anything, to get him in the ring and a shot at the title. Magnus declines telling him that he lost the opportunity to ever fight for the belt again back at Slammiversary. Sting continues to talk and get under Magnus’ skin, eventually Magnus says that he will give Sting a shot but only if its title vs. career. Sting accepts and the match is set for next week.

TNA clearly had two weeks worth of Genesis in mind. They spent most of the first hour just with the backlash from Dixie’s actions last week. The matches all night were really nothing special. It does look like TNA is going all out with the in ring action next week with a full slate of matches that should be really good. There was a lot of story elements this week that was nice to see, hopefully next week TNA can deliver with the in ring action next week as well. 



1/9/14 iMPACT Review: Goodbye AJ Styles

The show opens with Dixie headed to the ring with AJ Style’s one night only contract in hand as she asks him to come to the ring. She tells AJ everything he asked for is in there and he will have his match and it will be winner take all. She then goes on to add that she did make one change and that is that the match will be no disqualification, because she wants everybody’s last memories of AJ to be of him being stretchered out of the building. AJ reminds her what winner take all means, that after he wins tonight, there will be no more tournaments and no more paper champions, when he wins he will be the TNA World Heavyweight Champion, and that’s it. He continues saying that Dixie’s no disqualification stipulation doesn’t scare him, because he knows he has friends in the back that will have his back tonight should team Dixie try to interfere. Dixie reminds him that she owns all the boys in the back so they won’t be around to help him out. They go back and forth a little bit more and eventually Magnus comes out to the ring, and says AJ doesn’t have any friends in the back anymore, because he walked out on them. Magnus also says that the only reason AJ came back was because he wanted to take the spotlight back from Magnus. AJ signs the contract and the match is official.

In the back Dixie is talking to Gail Kim and Lai’d Tapa and asks them if they are sure they can get the job done.

Eric Young and Joesph Park make their way to the ring for the opening contest.

Dixie cuts off the Bro Mans as they are headed to the ring and asks them the same question she asked Kim, if they are sure tehy can get the job done. They say yes and make their way out to the ring.

Eric Young and Joesph Park vs. The Bro Mans w/ DJ Zema Ion: Non-title match

Eric Young starts out the match trying to grapple with the ref. this gives Robbie an opening. but Young takes the opening advantage. Young his some nice high passed offense and quickly tags in Park. As park starts to get some offense in the giant screen over the entrance shows ODB getting beat down by Gail Kim and Tapa. This sends Young sprinting to the back to help out his wife. With park out numbered the Bro Mans get the win after hitting the Bro Down.

Winners: The Bro Mans

After the match they grab a piece of the guardrail and throw it into the ring and hit the Bro Down on the guardrail taking Park out.

An ok match. It was more there to add to the story of the episode than anything, and it set the tone well. Mass Chaos. First you have the attack on ODB leaving Park in a 2-on-1 situation that he can’t defend against. Then after the match  the Bro Mans take it that extra step by hitting their finisher on the guardrail. Good set-up for the rest of the night.

In Dixie’s office Samoa Joe walks in to tell her he is on the side of AJ tonight. She tells him simply not to worry about AJ but to worry about his opponent her nephew Ethan Carter the Third

The doctor’s are checking out Park, the doctor says he thinks Park has a concussion and needs to be evaluated at the hospital.

Sting is entering the arena and passes EY as he is caring ODB to the car to take her to the emergency room. Sting wonders what is going on…

James Storm heads out to the ring and calls out Gunner. Storm says he has been part of some of the greatest tag teams of all time, but both of them had bitter ends because of one thing: The World Heavyweight Championship. He says that this is exactly what has been happening between him and Gunner over the past month since Feast or Fired. Gunner says he absolutely agrees, and that it has been Storm’s ego and wanting to be champ that has torn them apart. Storm says that Gunner got the championship title shot from running him over in feast or fired ans suggest they fight one last time for the briefcase to see who exactly deserves the title shot. Gunner agrees and the match is set for next week

EC3 attacks Joe in the back of the arena. The two fight back and forth and eventually make their way to the stage and then down to the ring. The bell sounds and the match is officially underway.

Ethan Carter the Third vs. Samoa Joe

EC3 has the early advantage, but it doesn’t last long. Joe starts hitting a lot of his fast passed signatures right away and is in full control. Having so much dominance makes Joe cocky and EC3 takes out Joe’s knee to get a bit of momentum his way. EC3 works on the knee a while before climbing the ropes. Joe gets up and knocks EC3 off balance, however, and starts to set him up for the Muscle Buster.Rockstar Spud comes flying down to the ring and grabs Joe’s leg to distract him. It works as Joe puts down Carter and gives chase to Spud up the ramp. Carter gets a wrench from somewhere and attacks Joe’s knee again. They work over Joe’s knee some more with the wrench. When Joe tries to get up and give chase his knee gives out and he falls back to the ground.

winner: No Contest

Once again not much too this match. It was a brawl from the onset. It ended in a no contest so EC3 still can claim to be un beaten, and it took out another of AJ’s friends, giving him less and less numbers on his side.

Jeremy Borash is in the back with Kurt Angle asking about his Open challenge cage match tonight. Kurt says he is getting ready for the match of his life, and it doesn’t matter who answers the open challenge tonight, because all he is going to see is Bobby Roode.

The doctor is in the back looking over Joe’s knee and says that Joe needs to go to the hospital and get an MRI done.

Quick cut to another location backstage where EMT’s are working on both James Storm and Gunner. There is broken beer bottles on the ground next them.Sting sees this and goes to confront Dixie. Sting asks if this is what Dixie really wants around here now, mass chaos and people orchestrating random hits in the locker room.  Dixie initially plays dumb, but Sting keeps pressing. Eventually Dixie says that this will all end when she sees AJ being carted out and off to the hospital and out of her building. She then reminds him tat it is not his place to worry about what’s going on because he is only a wrestler, and one with a match tonight. Sting says a match won’t get in the way of Sting making sure he gets done what needs to be done.

Kurt Angle heads to the ring to await the arrival of his opponent

Bobby Roode’s music hits and he walks out in full ring gear. He cuts a promo about how he has beaten Kurt already and will again next. He continues to tease as if he is going to accept the open challenge, but backs away and says he found a perfect opponent for Kurt. The team of Bad Influence.

Kurt Angle vs. Bad Influence: Steel Cage Open Challenge

Bad Influence get the early advantage with Daniels entering through the door while Kaz climbed up and over the cage to enter on the opposite side. They continue to keep the advantage using double team tactics, and the cage. Kurt reverses an attempted double back body drop. He goes for a quick pin on Daniels but Kaz distracts the ref and Bad Influence gets the advantage again. Kurt once again survives and gets a reversal to gain the advantage.  He starts with the German Suplexes on Daniels, then moves onto Kaz. Angle returns his focus to Daniels and goes for the Olympic Slam. Kaz makes the save and tries to escape the cage. Angle catches him and hits a German Suplex off of the top turnbuckle.  Kaz takes out Daniels on the landing. Angle hits the Olympic slam on Kaz and gets the pin.

Winner: Kurt Angle

Match of the night by far. It was fun and had some amazing spots. Kurt gets the win and looks ready to take on Roode next week, and finally get that monkey off of his back and move on in his quest to prove himself worthy of the Hall of Fame.

Dixie is on the phone telling them to keep the cage up. Roode enters into her office and Dixie asks if Roode is ready for his match tonight. Roode looks shocked as he didn’t expect to wrestle. She tells him he has a cage match with Sting. Roode flips out but Dixie calms him down and tells him not to worry because she has his back. He calms down and reluctantly agrees to the match.

Kurt is in the parking lot taking photos with fans. Al Snow pulls up and says there is an emergency and he will explain on the way. Kurt jumps in and they speed off.

Bobby Roode vs. Sting: Steel Cage Match

They lock up and it is an even back and forth. Sting gets a little bit of an edge and goes for a Stinger Splash, but Roode counters it and gets the advantage. Roode is all over him, and goes for the pin early. When that doesn’t work he tries going through the door, but Sting cuts him off. Roode starts in on the offense once again, and this time hits a Double R Spine Buster, but Sting kicks out once again. Roode tries going over the top this time but Sting grabs him and throws him off of the turnbuckle. This gives Sting his first really offense of the match and hits the big moves quick, with multiple Stinger Splashes and an attempt at the Scorpion Death Lock. Roode rakes the eyes however, but Sting gets hits a Death Drop and locks in the Death Lock. This brings out EC3 and Spud. EC3 tries to climb the cage, this gets Sting to release the hold and wait to cut him off. On the other side of the ring Spud throws in a police batton to Roode who uses it to attack Sting and knock him out long enough for Roode to walk out the door for the win.

Winner: Bobby Roode.

Good match. Nice to see Roode really carry the match and hold the advantage. While he didn’t come out looking as strong as Angle after his match, but still Roode beat a legend in the cage and that’s what matters.

Mr. Anderson is seen entering the funeral home where the funeral of the Aces & Eight’s took place. He walks into the chapel and sees Bully Ray setting in the back. Anderson says let’s finish this. Bully says if he wanted to finish it he would last week, by setting Anderson of fire, but that would be to lenient for everything that Anderson has done. Bully talks about forgiveness and hoe he wants to make Anderson feel what he feels now. He then tells Anderson to look in the coffin, where he pulls out baby blankets and when he turns around Bully is gone.

Sting bashes into Dixie’s office and says a baton is nowhere near enough to stop him from being on AJ’s side tonight. Dixie tries using Sing’s contract and her money to sway him, but it doesn’t work. She then asks him if he honestly believes that AJ would do the same for him. She leaves him to think about it.

AJ Styles vs. Magnus :Winner-Take-All Champion vs. Champion Match

Magnus immediately heads to the floor twice, then before anything happens EC3 and Spud attack. Styles has little trouble defending them off and as Magnus tries to attack from behind he doesn’t get anything has AJ takes the advantage, but the numbers are just too much. Sting comes down to find off EC3 and Spud and its back down to AJ and Magnus in the ring, but once again before anymore physicality happens between the two the Bro Mans are out. They hit the Bro Down on AJ and reluctantly Hebner makes a count, but AJ kicks out. Sting makes it back into the ring to fend off the Bro Mans with  AJ. Magnus once again goes for the sneak attack, but once again fails. AJ hits the Styles Clash, and Bad Influence now hit the ring. They hit the high low on AJ and Magnus makes the pin, but Hebner feed up with everything going on doesn’t make the count, and walks out of the match. Dixie comes out dragging Brian Hebner to the ring and force him to count the fall. AJ kicks out again. Him and Sting get enough of an advantage for AJ to go for the Calf Killer but Bad Influence take out the ref. Another Styles Clash and Earl Hebner sprints back out to the ring to count the fall, but once again Bad Influence pull the ref out and stop the count. AJ flies over the top and takes out bad Influence. Styles is back in the ring and waiting for Magnus to get up. Roode comes out and hits his version of the AA three times on AJ. This brings out Dixie with a third ref who makes the count and finally AJ stays down giving Magnus the win.

Winner and Undisputed TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Magnus

This match was the entire night. With all the faces getting taken out throughout the night, it left AJ with only Sting as backup. Every heel in the company came out and it made AJ look strong. This match was booked with the idea of AJ coming back and being a savior for TNA from Dixie. The biggest problem with the match was, there was almost no AJ vs. Magnus interaction. Which, once again, from the standpoint of TNA at the time thinking AJ was coming back, would of been played with in the storyline. It was an overbooked mess was the problem. Magnus who was booked strong all the way up to and including his win in the title tournament. This made him look like a coward, and whenever he tried to attack AJ, AJ took the advantage in a heartbeat. It builds a hate toward Magnus is the fanbase, and makes them want to see AJ come back and save them from Magnus, which was obviously the plan when it was taped.

The show was the one that had the biggest problem with being taped. Because the plans at the taping and how the main event was booked would have obviously been completely different had they known AJ wouldn’t resign and he would jump ship to Ring of Honor. On a positive note Dixie did easily her best work as an on screen character heel or face that she has ever had. With the good shows TNA have been putting on lately have been really good, the main event was a huge misstep.

No More iMPACT Zone?

Over the Weekend it came to light that the TNA couldn’t come to a deal and keep iMPACT at Universal Studios for the rest of the year. This couldn’t have come at a seemingly worse time for TNA. Over the past 6  months or so TNA have been cutting costs at every corner, and going back to Orlando was supposed to be one of the big things that helped them turn things back around, and with that corner stone gone, it could be just a matter of time for TNA. Yet, TNA does have time to make something happen. If losing their home had to come, then losing it now was better timing than it could have been.

With TNA already having homes for iMPACT through at least the end of February and at most Lockdown, they have 2 months to find a home. The next taping for iMPACT is for the live Genesis show in Huntsville, AL. TNA not only plans to have the live episode there, but also tape shows to fill time between then and the begining of the UK tour. Where they have scheduled two different arenas to tape the show, which is enough for up to four weeks of TV. Then Lockdown is set for early March, but no venue has been announced. That gives TNA plans for 6 taped weeks of iMPACT, and a PPV. 

What does all this mean? It means TNA still has time. Not a lot of time, but some time nonetheless. They need to find a new home because the road was one of the biggest blows to the TNA budget. They have cut a number of big a small names over the past few months and with the move back to Orlando, TNA had seemingly found a new focus, and the product was better for it. 

TNA behind the camera though has been getting worse and worse. From losing AJ when it seemed they had finally come to terms, and then losing Jeff Jarrett, and with the rumored sale falling through, and now losing the iMPACT Zone, nothing has gone right. These are dark times for TNA as a company, even as it seems the TV product is at it’s best in years. As an apologist, the biggest problems seem to be coming from the top, and the rumored sale may have been a good thing in the long run. For now though the first thing TNA needs to find is a new home. Then, they can find agents and Panda Energy still has funds. TNA has time just not much and they need some good news and need it quick. 

An update from The TNA Apologist

Hey guys just would let yo know I am writing for Give them a read. Some great insights for people who love the indies, WWE and TNA. A lot of good guys over there!

iMPACT 1/2/14 Review

The show opens with Kurt Angle headed to the ring to make a “major announcement”. He says 2013  was not his year and dissapointed the his fans inside the ring and out. He says he wasn’t the cyborg in 2013, and before he can finish Bobby Roode interrupts him as he comes to the ring. Roode gets in Angle’s face and says that he wants Kurt to admit that it was him that finally got him to walk away from TNA, but Kurt responds that he was actually saying that 2014 was going to be the year that Kurt Angle becomes the cyborg once again and he wants to start the year off by beating Roode in one last match. Roode says he accepts only if it means that Angle is gone form TNA for good and will never accept his Hall of Fame nomination. Kurt agrees for the match and adds a steel cage stipulation, Roode accepts and they begin to fight. They get separated and Rockstar Spud comes out and says if they want to fight, go find a partner and they will have a tag team match later. 

In the back Dixie is shown getting a letter that says “see you tonight”. She looks stressed and nervous about the letter and gets Spud to try and find out who sent the letter. 

Back in the Ring Gail Kim  is talking about her open challenge and how there has been no one even close to being a challenge for her yet. She invites her oppenett out and it is Madison Rayne.

Gail Kim vs. Madison Rayne

Rayne gets the match started right at the bell, but Kim starts making a comeback. She gets in a lot of offense over the rest of the match. She attempts the eat defeat but Rayne reverses it and gets an offensive flurry of her own before Kim reverses a top rope attempt., but Rayne reverses the eat defeat a second time and get s the pin for the win. 

winner: Madison Rayne

In the back Kurt Angle recruits Gunner as his tag team partner for his match tonight. James Storm walks in and seems to be upset that Gunner would accept being a partner with someone else.

In the locker room of Sabin and Skye , Sabin tells Skye that he just needs her to do as she is told tonight and he will leave with his X division belt, but if she finds a way to cost him his title again he will be leaving the arena by himself. 

X Division Championship: Chris Sabin vs. Austin Aries (C)

Aries controls the match all the way through. He quickly goes for the last chancery and as Sabin tries to break the hold he motions towards Skye, who is at ringside, ti interfere, but she refuses. Throughout the entire match it seems like whenever he gets in trouble his immediate tactic is to turn to her for help. eventually Aries looks like he has the match won, but Skye reluctantly gets on the apron causing a distraction giving Sabin the opportunity to hit a low blow and get a quick roll up for the pin. 

Winner and New X Division Champion: Chris Sabin

Samuel Shaw vs. Norv Fernum

A squash match making Shaw look really strong, and introducing his new style in the ring to go along with his American Psycho/Dexter persona. He was very slow and methodical the entire match, cold  and calculated. He also never took his eyes of Christy Hemme, and more to that part of the character as well. His new finisher , a variation on a sleeper/choke hold, was also a great touch. 

Winner: Samuel Shaw

In the back Roode is talking to somebody about his match tonight.says he has people in mind as his partner and  initially declines saying there is noway he can trust him. The camera revels it is Storm, who says he doesn’t trust or like Roode, but he needs to be to prove a point and send a message. Bobby still says no, Storm says one way or the other he his making his point either as Roode’s partner or by kicking everyone’s ass. Roode thinks about it. 

Kurt Angle and Gunner vs. Bobby Roode and James Storm 

The match starts with Angle and Storm in the ring. Angle gets the early advantage and gets a quick tag into Gunner. Storm starts to get the momentum as he and his former teammate go ate before Roode tags himself in. Beer Money starts to settle in and work as team. They Keep Gunner in the match for the duration as they distract the ref whenever Gunner tries to tag in Angle. eventually Angle comes in and tries to get momentum on the side of his team,but a Last Call Superkick gives the win to Beer Money.

Winners: Beer Money

In the back Spud confronts Sting as the one who sent the letter, Sting has no idea what he is talking about , but tells spud that if he sees Dixie’s lap dog he is looking for him.

Ethan Carter the Third is in the ring. and cuts a promo about how in just three months of 2013 he changed the face of TNA and now in 2014 he will dominated 2014. He talks about how some of his critics have said maybe he isn’t facing stiff enough competition , so tonight he is going to call Jeff Hardy as his hand picked opponent. Sting comes out instead and starts berating EC3 and calling him nothing more than Dixie Carter’s lap dog because EC3 won’t fight Sting. Eventually Sting gets under EC3’s skin enough for him to accept that math at Genisis. 

In the back Eric Young in giving Joesph Park a pep talk and telling him this is the two year anniversary of when Abyss went missing. So tonight they are going back to where it all started in a match between park and Bully Ray. Ray comes up afterwards and tells Park not goout there because he will make Park burn for Mr. Anderson’s sins. 

Bully Ray vs. Joesph Park

The math lasts long enough for Park to walk across the ring and get low blowed but Bully. Then after the match as Park in on the ground Bully begins to soak Park in lighter fluid. Right before Bully puts the flames to Park, however, Ar. Anderson makes the save only to get covered in lighter fluid himself, as Bully walks away from the ring and Anderson. 

The ring is set up for the coronation of Magnus as Dixie’s TNA World Champion. We get speeches from Spud, EC3, and Dixie all before Magnus comes out. Nothing much to say from any of them, just general heel stuff, patting themselves, and mainly Dixie on the back. Magnus comes out and cuts his first heel promo since joining Team Dixie, and has more charisma than he has had ever. The heel turn maybe just what he needed to get over on the mic. Gunner eventually cuts the circle jerk off by trying to cash in his briefcase. He is beat down by the three men and never gets a chance to, however. Then AJ  Styles makes his return tending everyone scattering. He cuts a promo about being the real champ and how Magnus will never be able to call himself a champion until the two face off. Magnus accepts and next week it s a champion vs. champion winner take all match. 






TNA iMPACT 12/26/13 Review

iMPACT opens with Dixie Carter in the ring singing the praises of “her world champion” Magnus. She begin starts to talk down about how Jeff Hardy not being good enough anymore. Then as she begins to make “a huge announcement” Hardy’s music hits and he comes down to the ring. Hardy says he has something on his mind, but Rockstar Spud gets in his face about how this is Dixie’s time on the schedule and there is no time for him right now. They go back and forth eventually Hardy throws Spud out of the way, but EC3 makes the save and throws Hardy out of the ring. 

Dixie gathers herself and tries making the announcement again, but is cut off again when Sting’s music hits. He comes down and says he has an announcement of his own, that he wants EC3 and isn’t leaving till he gets a match against him. He goes on and adds in Hardy and Spud to the mix and demands a tag team match between EC3 and Spud vs. Sting and Hardy. Dixie initially says no, but turns it around to make it sound like it was her own idea and grants the match. 

Back from break, and Dixie is still in the ring trying to make her announcement, this time Gunner interrupts her. He says he wants his world title shot and wants it now. Dixie tells him that Magnus isn’t there and denies him before trying to shoo him away. As once again she tries to get around to making her announcement. James Storm comes down to get in the face of Gunner. They go back and forth about how Gunner costs storm his chance in the title tournament, and then again in feast or fired. Storm Challenges Gunner to a match for the feast or fired case. Carter shuts them up and grants the match and it’s next, and says that she is feed up with the interruptions and will get around to her announcement on her time later. 

Great couple of segments the Gunner/Storm part was a little too teenage girl drama, it still made sense with what has been happening. Dixie getting interrupted again and again was funny. She still needs to learn how to work the crowd better, there were loud AJ chants and she just kept plowing through her lines. On the other hand however, when she is ad libbing with the interruptions and then with Gunner and Storm she is really good. Watching her wave her hand in Gunner’s face telling him to shoo was awesome, and then her just looking bored/annoyed and looking at her watch while Gunner and Storm bickered was a nice little touch.

Gunner vs. James Storm Winner gets the World Title Feast or Fired Briefcase

Short match. A lot of brawling between the two. The match spills to the outside and as they fight, the bell rings for a double count out, which pisses off Storm even more as they continue to fight into the back. 

Winner: Draw, Gunner maintains possession of the briefcase

In the back we see Brooke confront Bully Ray. She tries to talk to him, saying how she hasn’t been able to get a hold of him. Eventually, she get s feed up and says that she is going to go out to the ring and air all his dirty laundry. Bully just responds with “that wouldn’t be a good idea”

Brooke heads out to the ring and calls out Bully. She says she understands why he is mad at her. That is was partially her fault for bringing the hammer into play during the match that ended the Aces & Eight’s. She says it was nobody’s fault that the Ace’s & Eights’s are no more, except for maybe his greed and selfishness. That he destroyed his club, family and brother. She says she was just using Bully to get to the top and say she is done with him and doesn’t need him and tries to walk away Bully grabs her arm and beings to talk. He says he doesn’t blame her for anything, because she was just a pair of tits and ass, and “Brooke number 1” was better in every way. He tells her he still has once use of her, that is to spread the word of his evil dark ways. 

This promo was good. It is nice to see the character development of Bully into this new darker person. Brooke was Brooke on the mic not bad but not the best. TNA still used the awkward background music when Bully got into his part of the promo. It is different and its good to see them trying new things, this needs to go the way of the Hardy’s inner monologues.

In the back EC3 and Spud are talking to Aunt D and trying to get out of the match. She says not to worry and that she has them covered.

There is a video package of the Joseph Park/Abyss story setting up the monster’s ball match. Back in the gorilla position Eric Young and Park are talking, Young giving park some finale words of encouragement, he tells them to hit Parks music, and the Abyss theme plays. Park is confused, but trust’s EY and heads to the ring. 

Joseph Park vs. Bad Influence: Monster’s Ball

Bad Influence takes early control. They are both taking it to Park, but hesitant at the same time, not wanting to go “too far” and unlock the Abyss personality of Park. They however still have all the offense. Every now and then Park will make a little comeback, but it never really lasts all that long. eventually with Park out on the ramp EY comes out and Park starts begging for help. He grabs Park by the head and looks to punch open a wound like he did before, but Bad Influence cuts him off. Eventually, a miscalculation by Kaz hits Park and busts him open, and Abyss comes out to play and wastes Bad Influence with ease, and gets the win. 

Winner: Joseph Park/Abyss

Good, fun match that told a story. Bad Influence needed to be calculated with the weapons, trying to beat Park down but not bust him open. Then the part with Park begging and peddling with EY was really well done.Then after the match, EY looked a little reluctant to get close to Abyss, and unlike what had happened in the past, Park never snapped back from being Abyss.

In the back Sting and Hardy are getting ready. Sting can tell Hardy’s mind is somewhere else and tries to talk Hardy up but it doesn’t seem to work. Hardy calls his girlfriend. and after some conversation says that this is what he wants.

Lai’D Tapa vs. ODB

Pretty boring match. Pretty much Tapa no selling everything. Then when ODB got some momentum, Kim distracted the ref and gave Tapa the win.  

EC3 and Rockstar Spud vs. Sting and Jeff Hardy

Right before the bell, Dixie appears on the screen and says she is ready to make her announcement. That next week we will have the official coronation of Magnus as the new World Champion. She goes on to say that the main event was a tag team match, and being such the World Tag Team Champions should be apart of it in a 4 on 2 handicapped match. 

EC3, Rockstar Spud, and The Bromans vs. Sting and Jeff Hardy

Good tag team match. Hardy and Sting get in plenty of offense and look strong, but the numbers always get the better of them. Hardy eventually gets singled out and the momentum starts to shift. Hardy gets the tag into sting who just starts blowing through team Dixie. EC3 eventually gets a roll up on Sting and gets the pin . 

Winners: EC3, Rockstar Spud, and The BroMans

Fun match and good main event. The finish was what it needed to be EC3 getting the pin over Sting. Giving him a reason to avoid Sting even longer claiming he’s already beat him,and the loss transitions into to post match promo by Hardy perfectly. 

Hardy grabs the mic and claims that he his done with all the BS from Dixie Carter and that he has fought it for six months now. Then after last week and not being able to claim the World Title. He is done and walking out of TNA. 

Throughout the show there were retrospectives of Magnus’ career in TNA. From his early days to now. There were some great moments during these that just need to be seen. 

Another great show from iMPACT. It is sad to see that right now they are stuck in the iMPACT Zone 2.0. If this was the show they were sending on the road it might of done better, because the products has picked up since the creative shift in the company. There are still some nagging things in there, Bully’s promo music, but the EC3 and Rockstar Spud characters are some of the best TNA has had in a long time, especially  from a home grown talent perspective. 



Why iMPACT being taped isn’t all bad

Since the return to Orlando on thing has been a big turnoff for fans, the return of tapped iMPACT. While it appears as so they will return to live shows for the blow off events such as Genesis in January, that leaves at least three a month that are tapped. Many see this as a huge step backwards for the company which it can be.

The biggest complaint is that the audience already knows what is going to happen, which is only partially true. With the change back to tapping the show early, TNA has added a lot of backstage segments. No one had read about the awesome Rockstar Spud vignettes during his trip to find AJ Styles and recover the belt. All the “friends of AJ” promos. A lol of iMPACT no longer takes place in the ring.

The winners may be known, but that has never really mattered in wrestling. It’s not like the winners aren’t already predetermined, wrestling fans don’t watch the weekly shown to see who wins, they watch it for the in ring product and the story. The live monthly”ppv” shows are where you leave the important matches, where spoilers matter.

Another thing to remember is that some of the best years of iMPACT, the years when it was tapped. TNA knows how to work with a tapped program and they will be able to do it again.