2/6/14 iMPACT Review

The show opens with Eric Young and Abyss already brawling backstage. Abyss has the advantage and is using anything that he can get his hands on at this points. The keep battling and make there way to the stage, where the bell rings and the Monster’s Ball is officially underway.

Eric Young vs. Abyss: Monster’s Ball

There are trashcans filled with weapons already placed around the ring. Young grabs a pipe out of one of them and uses it to get his first real offence in the fight. He gets ride of the pipe and this gives Abyss the opening he needs to take back the momentum. Abyss gets a table out from under the ring and sets it up on the outside. He takes too long though and Young attempts to fight back. It’s no use, however, as Abyss just beats him down and throws him into the ring. Abyss throws some weapons into the ring giving Young time to recuperate, so that when Abyss tries to enter the ring Young can dropkick him off and send Abyss back to the floor. Young hits a suicide dive, and then tries to unmask Abyss. This fires up the monster as he takes control back. Back in the ring Abyss sets EY up for a splash with the chair on top of him. Young uses the chair to reverse the splash. He climbs the ropes and hits a missile dropkick,  goes for the pin, but Abyss kicks out. Abyss throws EY into a corner with a chair wedge in between the turnbuckles. Chokeslam from Abyss,  who goes for a pin, but only gets two. Abyss gets the taks and sets them up in the corner. He grabs EY and tries to superplex him onto the tacks, EY reverses and hits a float-over powerbomb onto the tacks, he tries for the pin but Abyss still kicks out. Young climbs the ropes, Abyss cuts him off and knocks him through the table that was set up on the outside. Abyss goes outside and throws Young back into the ring. Before reentering the ring himself, Abyss grabs “Janice”. Before Abyss can use the weapon however Young rips off his mask. This causes Abyss to drop it in the momentary shock, Abyss hits the black hole slam and gets the pinfall for the win.

Winner: Abyss

After the match, one of the weapons had some glass that was broken. Abyss grabs it and sees his unmasked self. Abyss looks confused and is in almost a state of shock as he looks at his reflection, and then sees his mask/wig on the ground, and it appears he is finally coming to the realization that Abyss and Joesph Park are one in the same.

Dixie Carter is in her office, and Bobby Roode comes in with his contract for a world title match at Lockdown against Magnus. She says that she doesn’t have the same amount of power she had when she made the promise to give him a title shot. Roode doesn’t care and feels that this is what he has earned by helping Magnus the past few weeks. She says the best she can do is put him in a Number One Contender’s match against Joe tonight. Roode doesn’t like the idea, but gives in and the match is set.

Back in the Arena M.V.P. is in the ring to give his first statements to the TNA audience. He says that in his past, he made mistakes and had to learn the hard way that every action has consequences. He goes on to say that there have been some people here in TNA that seem to have forgotten that, and he is here to remind them of it. He says that it is time for a change here in TNA, and that owners need to learn that they need to do what is good for the fans and for the wrestlers, and not just what strokes their own ego. He says that he found a group of people that share his vision and that they have the same view of a new TNA he does. This brings out Rockstar Spud to interrupt him. Spud says that Dixies would like to meet with MVP in her office so they can discuss the future of TNA and how that both MVP and her can work together. MVP says he will meet with her later, but first he made a match for tonight: Magnus vs. Kurt Angle in a non title match.

In the back Bully is standing with the coffin. He says that Anderson stole Bully’s family away from him, and next week he his going to steal Anderson away from his family, and that the next person Bully sees will be the next who has to pay for Anderson’s sins.

Chris Sabin is in what looks to be some sort of VIP area of a nightclub. He said that he is in a place that is near to both him and Velvet Skye’s hearts, and that after last week he knows that she is a woman worth fighting for.

Curry Man heads down the the ring for action. Before his opponent is introduced, though Bully Ray’s music hits and he wheels the coffin down to ringside. He tells Curry Man that he is in the wrong place at the wrong time. Curry Man charges at Bully who lifts his leg and hits a big boot on Curry Man. He sets up Curry Man for the pile driver. Bully screams “Anderson” and nails hits the piledriver. He then puts Curry Man in the coffin, and says that he is going to end Anderson’s career as he closes the lid on Curry Man.

Magnus is in Dixie’s office complaining about his match with Angle. Dixie says that he has nothing to worry about since it’s non title. He says ok and walks away. Ethan Carter the Third walks in saying he needs to talk to her. She says he has no time for him and shews him away. He looks annoyed but leaves.

Austin Aries is in the ring talking about his plans for 2014. He says he plans to hold onto the X Division title and use it to become World Champion at Destination X. The Bro Mans music hits and they come out to the stage. During the distraction Zema Ion attacks Aries from behind. He then announces he is cashing in his Feast or Fired briefcase for an X Division Title shot. The bell rings and the match is started.

Zema Ion vs. Austin Aries(C): X Division Championship

Ion immediately goes for the pin on the downed Aries, but only get two, after a couple more quick yet unsuccessful pin attempts  Ion rolls him out of the ring and hits a baseball slide dropkick. They fight on the outside for a moment before Ion rolls Aries back into the ring. Ion waits on Aries to get back up and hits a flying DDT from the apron, but once again can only get a two count. Ion climbs the ropes and attempts a spinning moonsault , but Aries rolls out of the way. Aries then hits the discuss clothesline and send Ion into the corner for the dropkick. Aries hits the brainbuster and gets the pinfall for the win.

Winner and Still X division Champion: Austin Aries

In the back Christie Hemme is in her dressing room. Samuel Shaw comes up to talk to here. She is freaked out a little and says they need to talk about what happened last week. He says he is just an avid collector of beautiful things, and he is sorry.  She still doesn’t like it and freaks out a little about the mannequin. She says that they should keep their relationship professional, and just be co workers. Shaw say ok but has rage in his eyes as she walks away from him.

Roode is getting ready in the back. He in’t happy about having to face Joe for the title shot he feels is already his. Magnus stops by as he hears rude complaining. Magnus tells Roode, that the favors he has done over the past few weeks were really just part of his job and he should be expecting anything special for doing his job. Roode says the only good thing about beating Joe tonight, is that it means he gets his title shot a Lockdown.

MVP visits Dixie’s office. He asks her to tell him all about herself. She goes off on a tangent about TNA being all her work. How she has done everything for TNA to get it where it is today. Taking credit for everything. MVP is clearly not buying a word of it however. When they get to the point about talking about the future of TNA and how they need to work together to come up with a shared vision, MVP says that this is a conversation that fans need to a part of, and not just behind closed doors. They agree to meet in the ring later tonight.

Kurt Angle vs. Magnus: Non Title Match

The match goes back and forth with wrestling holds to start off with. Angle sends Magnus off the ropes and hits a belly-to-belly slam on Magnus to take control of the match, but before Angle can get too much momentum built up Magnus goes to the eyes to cut of his offence. Angle come roaring back with the three german suplex’s though before Magnus can take much advantage. Angle goes for the Olympic Slam, but once again Magnus goes to the eyes to cut angle off.  Magnus then goes to climb the ropes, but Angle cuts him off with a suplex of the turnbuckle and immediately locks in the ankle lock.  Before Magnus can tap out EC3 hits the ring to cause the DQ.

Winner: Kurt Angle

After the match EC3 continues to attack Angle, centering his attack on the knee. EC3 shows a side of viciousness we have yet to see and he uses everything he can to make sure he takes out Angle knee for good. When EC3 finally relents he just takes a knee at ringside to watch as the medical staff strap Angle to the stretcher and wheel him to the back.  Once in the back Samoa Joe is back there waiting, telling Angle everything will be alright. He says that if Dixie tries any of her tricks in his match tonight they won’t work. That it doesn’t matter how long it takes that he will win the war against Dixie and her minions and get vengeance for all the guys in the back.

Eric Young is in his locker room. He says that Monster’s Ball went the way it needed to go, because he had to show Joesph Park who he really is, and that he did that tonight when he unmasked Abyss. The only problem now is that for the first time he doesn’t know what will happen next.

Sabin is still in the VIP room from earlier. He says that this is the place he and velvet shared their first kiss and tonight something special is going to happen, as he pulls a ring box out of his pocket. Velvet enters the room and Sabin tells her they need to talk. He says that last week after she broke up with him he realized something. That for the first time in a long time he has been seeing things clearly. He gets down on a knee and pulls of the box from his pocket. Velvet looks shocked as he hands her the box and says he has something to ask her. She opens the box to reveal it to be empty, and Sabin asks here to get out of his life. He says he is tired of only hearing about Velvet. That everything even when he was World Champion was about her and he is sick of it, and they should settle it like wrestlers in the ring.

Bobby Roode vs. Samoa Joe: Number One Contender’s Match

The match beings with the two trading kicks back and forth. Joe gets the advantage and sends Roode into the corner. Joe washes Roodes face which only serves to fire him up. Roode hits a back elbow sending joe to the apron, where he hits a standing dropkick knock Joe to the floor. Joe gets right back in the ring and the two trade chops. Roode hits a neckbreaker off of the middle rope, and gets a one count. He locks in the reverse headlock. Joe fights it off and hits the quick jabs on Roode once he gets to his feet. Joe hits the big boot, then goes for the backsplash, but Roode moves out of the way. Roode goes for the knee drop but Joe gets out of the way. Roode sends Joe off of the ropes and hits the Double R Spinebuster. Joe gets right up and powerslams Roode. He tries to set up the Muscle Buster, but Roode escapes. Roode tries to lift Joe up for the Roode Bomb, but Joe slips away. Joe tries to lock in the Coquina Clutch, but Roode fights it off and sends Joe to the corner. Roode charges in but gets caught by the STJoe. Joe sets up the Muscle Buster, and locks in the Clutch for the submission victory.

Winner and Number one contender: Samoa Joe

Dixie comes out the ring and tries flatter MVP with his introduction. MVP comes to the ring. They say they are here to talk about the future of TNA. Dixie starts talking about Magnus as a champion that they can be proud of. MVP is clearly not buying what Dixie is selling. When Dixie says that there are some things that need to be changed to make TNA better, MVP takes over. He says that the biggest problem in TNA has been mismanagement from Dixie. He tells her that the party is over, and that she now has somebody to hold her responsible for her actions and that he is not going to work with her and that he is here to stay.

A decent episode, a really strong start, and MVP worked the mic really well in his new position. The monster’s ball match was great as was the number one contender’s match. Everything seemed to have a purpose, and move forward. Ethan Carter is seemingly being groomed for a face turn with Dixie scorning him over the past couple of weeks. The wolves still haven’t had a match and weren’t even in this episode which is kind of disappointing. There wasn’t too much bad in the episode, there wasn’t as much in ring action, and there was a large part of the first hour that was all talk, and slowed the episode down. Overall a pretty good episode, not as good last week and hopefully next week with the casket match it will keep up the momentum.


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