TNA iMPACT review 1/30/13: Who is the investor?

The show kicks off with Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe being separated from Magnus, Rockstar Spud, and Ethan Carter the Third in the back. Magnus, Spud, and EC3 all head to the ring after security got Joe and Angle off of them. Magnus is hardly able to with the crowd giving him and the trio in general so much heat. He brags about beating Sting last week, and kicking him out of TNA. He says that Sting was just the next in a long line of victims while he and Dixie Carter start clearing out the dead weight in TNA: AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, Sting and any other “dinosaurs”. They are doing this to clear the way for the new generation of TNA superstars: The BroMans, Rockstar Spud, and himself. He did purposefully snub EC3 from that list which causes EC3 to try and interrupt, but Angle and Joe hit the ring and make the trio scatter back to the stage. Angle says that he and Joe made the trip to the UK for one reason, and that is to seek vengeance for AJ and Sting. Angle says that they both were screwed out of their title shots, and if Magnus keeps having to win the way he has been, he really is nothing more than a paper champion. Magnus takes offense to this and says if those two are looking for a fight why don’t they team up to face him and EC3 in the main event. They agree, but Magnus decides to push it even further getting both Angle and Joe to put up their contracts. They agree on the condition that if they win the winner of the fall becomes the new number one contender. Magnus initially agrees, but Dixie comes out to put a stop on it. After some conversation between her and Magnus, eventually Magnus gets her to concede and the match is on for tonight.

A black van pulls up to the arena and The Wolves are seen getting out, they say that everybody’s questions will be answered tonight

The Beautiful People (Velvet Skye & Madison Rayne) vs. Lai’D Tapa and Gail Kim

Kim and Tapa are already in the ring as The Beautiful People make their entrance. As they get to the ring and Kim and Tapa attack getting the match started. Kim and Rayne eventually end up as the two legal knockouts, while Kim has the clear advantage. This doesn’t last long as after Rayne dodges an attack in the corner from Kim. Rayne gets the tag into Velvet who takes control of the match right away. She attempts the In Yo’ Face but Tapa breaks it up. Rayne comes in to take Tapa out as they brawl to the outside. Skye is the first one up and this time hits her move and gets the pinfall for the win.

Winners: The Beautiful People (Velvet Sky & Madison Rayne)

A short match but the ladies all looked good in the parts that they played. It was nice seeing the Beautiful People back together even if it was only a one night thing, it was even better to see Skye back in the ring after months of just being at ringside with Sabin.

After the match Sabin comes flying down to the ring demanding answers from Skye. He asks why she has been avoiding him all week. He tells her that she should be beside him and behind him in everything and not costing him matches and championships. He says that he will forgive her however, as long as she apologizes for her actions. She takes the mic and says she only has one thing to tell him. “We’re Done” and she storms off, while Sabin goes nuts in the ring.

Angle and Joe are going through the back, they say they aren’t going to be screwed out of their contracts like Sting was last week as they barge into Bobby Roode’s locker room. Joe grabs him as he and Angle both tell Roode that he better think twice before interfering the the main event tonight. Roode says he is flattered that he is such a huge threat to them, and while he could take on either one of them one on one, he isn’t stupid or crazy enough to try and take them both on at the same time.

Back in the arena James Storm makes his way to the ring. He says that he and Gunner go way back, to even before Gunner made his debut in TNA. That they once were really good friends but lately something has changed and tonight is the night that is is all going to come to and end, and he calls out Gunner. Gunner comes down to the ring and says that they both have the same goal in TNA and that is to become champion and to be one of the greats. Gunner continues and talks about his time in the Marines and fighting not for the government, but for his brothers in arms, and the men right beside him. He gives such a truthful speech about his time as a Marine that even though the show is in Scotland, there is a pretty strong USA chant going. He ends the speech says that at one point he felt that he fought along side Storm in the same way through the tag team division, then he took his shot and got the briefcase in the feast or fired match and ever sense then Storm has been petty and jealous. Storm says that Gunner is right and that he has been acting jealous. Bad Influence interrupt before it gets too sappy, and try to drive the wedge back in between Storm and Gunner, by challenging them to a tag team match where the winner of the fall gets possession of the briefcase and the title shot. Gunner and Strom agree by starting a brawl between the four and the match is underway.

Bad Influence(Kaz & Daniels) vs. Gunner&Storm: the winner of the fall gets possession of the briefcase

Eventually Storm and Kaz become the two legal men to start the match.  Storm has the advantage and gets in a quick tag to Gunner. Gunner can’t maintain the offense and Kaz tags in Daniels right away. Bad Influence then use double team tactics and a lot of quick tags to keep the offensive momentum on their side.  Gunner starts to mount a little bit of offense, but when he goes to tag Storm, he isn’t there because Daniels has him distracted outside the ring, allowing Kaz to build up the offense yet again. Gunner hits a reverse elbow and goes for the pin. but this time the ref is distracted by Storm and doesn’t even have a chance to count. Finally, Gunner does it a tag into Storm who quickly starts taking out both members of Bad Influence. Storm attempts an Eye of the Storm, but it gets reversed and Kaz dropkicks Storm into the corner where Gunner tags himself in. Gunner lays out Kaz then hits the diving headbutt for the pin and the win.

Winners: Storm&Gunner; Gunner maintains possession of the briefcase

It seems that TNA is finally done with the high school drama, jealousy angle between Gunner and Storm, who even though they had hiccups at the beginning, by the end, they were working like a well oiled machine once again, giving TNA another tag team to build back up that division.

In Dixie’s office both her and Spud are freaking out about the investor being there and trying to figure out who it is. Dixie sends Spud to go get answers from The Wolves. She then calls up her lawyer trying to figure if there is anything he can do to help them out, or tell her anything. She gets annoyed when he can’t help, and Roode enters into her office. Roode says he was promised a title shot for helping Magnus beat AJ Styles and then again for helping him beat Sting, and he wants it at Lockdown.  Dixie tries telling him she doesn’t have time for this right now, but Roode demands he get an answer. She begins to pull out her checkbook, but Roode stops her saying that money isn’t what he wants, he wants an answer about his title shoot, and until he gets it, he isn’t helping her out anymore.

ODB and Eric Young are in the back talking about his match tonight. She is questioning how smart it is to be teaming with Abyss. Young tries telling he that everything will be alright and that this is all part of the plan. She reclunctly says ok, as Abyss walks up with his bag of tacks.

Rockstar Spud makes his way to the ring. He says the Dixie has sent him out to get answers from The Wolves about who the new investor is. The Wolves come to the ring and Spud starts playing tuff talking about how he beat Samoa Joe within an inch of his life last week, and that he is the one that took out Jeff Hardy so Magnus could win the title. He works himself up so much that when The Wolves refuse to answer he slaps Davey Richards. The Wolves then attack and take out Spud with ease. Eddie Edwards takes the mic, and once again says that the investor will revel himself tonight, and also that the investor has said that if anybody interferes in the main event tonight, they will be fired on the spot.

Abyss & Eric Young vs. The BroMans w/ DJ Zema Ion(C): Tag Team Championships

Robbie E and Young start the match off. Robbie gets in the first few movies but Young makes the quick comeback. Young sends Robbie into the corner where Abyss is and Abyss starts choking him making the ref and Young get Abyss off of Robbie. Young tries to talk Abyss down after he lets go of Robbie. The distraction allows Robbie to tag in Jesse and get the sneak attack on EY. It doesn’t last long however, as EY goes back on the offense quickly, but once again as soon as Jesse is within arms reach of Abyss he grabs him by the throat. EY once again convinces Abyss to let him go before they get disqualified. Once again, this gives the BroMans the advantage. This happens a few more times before Abyss finally tags himself into the match and easily disposes of the BroMans. DJ Zema Ion climbs the turnbuckle and looks as if he is going to interfere but Abyss grabs him by the throat. The ref gets Abyss to finally let go of Ion, and for his trouble Abyss picks up the ref and sets him up for the Shock Treatment. EY pleads with Abyss to let the ref go, but to no avail as Abyss hits the move on the ref getting his team disqualified.

Winners: The BroMans.

After the match EY tries confronting Abyss, and tries to get answers from him. Abyss chokeslams EY and begins to walk away. EY grabs a mic and says that, of Abyss wants to get crazy, then there is one last experiment  for them to run. Monster’s Ball. Abyss seems to accept the match, saying he is going to hurt EY.

Not really much of a match at all. The BroMans looked good and flowed well together as a team, while EY couldn’t even really get the monster under control. Really seems that the Monster’s Ball match between the two could finally be a payoff to the Joe Park/Abyss angle.

Outside the arena the wolves are seen getting back in the van to talk to the investor.

Bully Ray is pushing a coffin towards the ring.

A video clip from a date between Samuel Shaw and Christie Hemme is shown. They are having drinks, and Shaw seems to be holding his hand really close to the candle on the table which freaks Christie out a little bit, but Shaw plays it off well. They then go on a tour of Shaw’s place. It is very sparsely filled with just a mattress on the floor in the bedroom. Christie seems to be enjoying herself however. At one point Shaw takes her hair down and steals a piece of it, as she walks away he is seen sniffing the strand of hair. They come upon a darkened room that Shaw pushes Christie away from. He then walks in and turns on the light to reveal a huge shrine to her with a mannequin dressed to look like her. He smells the hair again before adding it to the wig of the mannequin and kissing it before returning to Christie.

Bully Ray is in the ring with the coffin beside the ring. He talks about how Anderson has taken everything away from him: his championship, his family, his club, and his entire life. Bully says that the only way to get back at Anderson now is putting him to rest in a coffin, and challenges Anderson to a casket match. Anderson comes down and stands beside the coffin, while Bully gets out of the ring and stands on the other side of it. Anderson asks what Bully’s plan is. Bully responds to put Anderson in the coffin then to pile drive Anderson’s wife and kids. Anderson’s accepts and the opens the coffin lid hitting Bully int he face with it. They start to fight and Anderson has the advantage the entire way. Eventually, Bully scurries away.

In the back, EC3 and Magnus are getting ready for the main event. There is obvious tension between Magnus and EC3, with Magnus calling EC3 “green” and saying the only reason that he is in TNA is because he has the right last name. Dixie enters into the locker room, and Magnus becomes all smiles and even says a few good things about EC3. He and Dixie walk off, with Dixie only saying good luck to EC3 as an after thought as she walks out.


Samoa Joe & Kurt Angle vs. Magnus & Ethan Carter the Third

Angle and EC3 start the match off. Angle gets the early advantage and tags in Joe. Joe goes to work with his fast passed high power offense with a lot of quick kicks and jabs that keep EC3 on the ropes. Joe tags Kurt back in who slows the pass down a little with his more methodical style, but its just as effective. Kurt attempts a shoulder block in the corner, but EC3 moves out of the way and Angle runs into the corner. EC3 tags Magnus who is immediately on top of Angle.  Behind the arena The Wolves get out of the van with a third person but it is unclear who it is. Back to the ring, Magnus is still in control beating on Angle in the corner. Magnus tags in EC3 who goes straight for a pin attempt, but Angle kicks out. EC3 puts the sleeper hold on Angle who fights out of it, only to get hit by a clothesline from EC3. EC3 throws Kurt into the corner, but he misses with the double knees giving Angle the chance to tag Joe back into the match just as EC3 tags in Magnus. Joe comes out on fire hitting a bunch of his big moves in a row and taking over the match. Joe locks in the cross arm breaker on Magnus only to have it broken up by EC3. Angle comes in to take care of EC3, and Joe locks in the Coquina Clutch and gets the submission win.

Winners: Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle; and by virtue of winning the fall Joe is now the number one contender

Dixie comes storming out of the back saying she knew this was going to happen and starts to berate Magnus and EC3. She gets cut off by Samoa Joe however, who gloats about the victory, saying that when push came to hove Magnus just couldn’t cut it. Angle takes over and says that after beating Roode last week, and with the win tonight, he is back and is ready to accept his Hall of Fame induction, he tells Dixie to be sure to invite her new investor to the party. This sends Dixie over the edge as she demands the investor to reveal himself. The lights go dark and a new music hits. The lights come back out and The Wolves enter onto the stage followed by M.V.P. as iMPACT goes off the air.

Really good entertaining episode. Probably the best all around episode in a while. Finally there was a solid main event without it being an overbooked mess. The knockouts looked good, the worst storyline is seemingly over as Storm and Gunner are a tag team again. Then the investor angel got a little bit of a payoff with the MVP reveal. While, there is certainly going to be a little bit of a backlash of the investor being MVP, the fact that it was only a two week build till the reveal gives TNA a lot of leeway with how big the name had to be. They didn’t really build up the mystery all that long, so the reveal while big news wasn’t ever going to be huge. Much better to reveal MVP right away than after a month or two of build and speculation. Overall, after the worst week WWE has had in a while, TNA put on their best show in a while which is what they needed. Did they win any converts tonight, probably not, but there were a lot of scorned WWE fans that might have been watching and looking for something different, and TNA certainly put their best foot forward tonight.







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