iMPACT Review: TNA Genesis Part 1

The Show starts with Rockstar Spud in the ring, the crowd already booing him. He praises Dixie Carter for doing what she said she was going to do and that is bring the World Heavyweight Championship back home to TNA. She comes down to the ring and talks about what happened to AJ is what happens when you cross the boss, and if anyone else is wanting to play the same thing will happen to them. She then talks about tonight being the beginning of a new era in TNA, and how the role model of that new era is her champion Magnus. Magnus cuts a promo about the start of the reign of Magnus. Dixie then says none of this would be possible if it wasn’t for the help of Team Dixie and invites them down to the ring. The Bro Mans with DJ Zema Ion, EGO, Gail Kim and Lai’d Tapa all head to the ring. Dixie gives them all a huge thank you and says that they will be well rewarded in their next paychecks. She goes on to talk about the with a house all on the same page that TNA will finally be able to begin a new era, and after tonight the last man standing in the way will be delt with by her nephew Ethan Carter the Third. EC3 makes his entrance, but before he can say anything Sting’s music hits and he is in the audience. Sting cuts a really good promo about how TNA is actually a house more divided than ever. Starts calling out Magnus as still being a paper champ and that he has sold out. He then says that we want revenge for last week. This brings out Samoa Joe, Joseph Park, Eric Young, Gunner, Storm, and ODB and a huge brawl begins. Sting eventually corners EC3 in the ring and starts beating him with a bat before team dixie starts to retreat. Rockstar Spud comes back out with a ref and says that if they want to fight they are going to have a 12-man tag right now

Team Dixie(Bad Influence, The Bro Mans, DJ Zema Ion, and Lai’D Tapa) vs. Team Sting(Samoa Joe, Gunner, James Storm, Eric Young, Joesph Park, and ODB)

This isn’t much of a tag team match as it is just a series of random encounters throughout the brawl that never really stopped. Joe and Ion are the first two in the ring and Joe has no problems taking care of Ion. The next two are ODB and Tapa who battle for a short while before they both go tumbling to the outside, letting Daniels and Storm take center stage, that Storm gets the better of before they continue the fight outside the ring. Gunner and kaz are in the ring for a split second, before Robbie E and EY start a good back and forth in the ring, while everybody goes to their corners finally. EY starts to get eh offence going which brings Jesse in to try and make the save, but Park negates that for a little bit. Eventually, however, the Bro Mans do start double teaming EY, after Ion gets involved. Ion start celebrating only to get cut off by a fallaway slam by ODB. Tapa takes her out with an NFL-like shoulder tackle, bringing in EY and Daniels to slow down the action, with a chin lock on EY. EY fights back and gets the tag into Joe, who goes off on Daniels, before diving through the ropes to take out the Bro Mans. Kaz and Park are now in the ring and Kaz takes down Park with a kick to the face. The kick busts open Park’s lip and the Abyss personality appears and takes out everybody on Team Dixie, and even Gunner and Storm who happened to get in his way. Eventually the only two left in the ring are Joe and Daniels. Joe locks in his Coquina Clutch for the win.

Winners: Team Sting(Samoa Joe, Gunner, James Storm, Eric Young, Joesph Park, and ODB)

This match was at the very best controlled chaos. It was a good segway from last week, into this week however with the good guys getting retribution for the hits that were taken out on them last week. It also shows where the battle lines are starting to be drawn for the near future.

In the back, Velvet Skye and Austin Aries are talking, but get interrupted by a clearly jealous Chris Sabin, when Velvet won’t say what they were talking about he says they will talk about in the ring.

Kurt Angle is shown arriving and is on the hunt for Dixie Carter and/or Al Snow.

In the ring, Sabin is berating Velvet. It doesn’t take long for Aries to come to the ring in defense of Velvet. Sabin asks Aries if he is trying to steal Velvet away from him. Aries says that isn’t the case and he is just telling her to stick up for herself, and her man actually be a man. This turns into a challenge for the X division belt, but with the stipulation that Velvet be in a cage at ringside, to make sure Sabin can get the job done himself. Sabin doesn’t want to agree, but Velvet cuts him off saying she never wanted to be put in the middle of his matches in the first place and accepts for him. 

In the back once again and Kurt is still on the hunt for Dixie. Also, Bruce Prichard is seen walking up and talking to Samuel Shaw. Prichard says he really liked Shaw’s performance in the ring, but needs to get over his creepy obsession with Christie Hemmee. As soon as Shaw hears Prichard says Christie’s name he goes from respectful of the praise to full on crazy and beats the hell out of Prichard, screaming to never say her name again.

Magnus walks into the locker room of EC3 and gives him a pep talk about Sting, and how EC3 needs to take Sting very seriously. There is a little bit of tension between them as they both feel like they should be Dixie’s go to guy, but it’s really down played. 

Back to the ring and Bully Ray is headed out for his match against Ken Anderson. Anderson attacks Bully from behind and the match is underway. 

Bully Ray vs. Ken Anderson No Disqualification match

Anderson has the early advantage after the sneak attack as the brawl outside the ring. Eventually they both get in the ring and bell sounds to get the match officially started. Anderson continues to have the advantage and goes for the Mic Check to end this one early but Bully reverses it and gets his first offense of the night. Bully almost immediately goes outside to get a chair, on the other side of the ring however anderson is doing the same. When they both get back in the ring they play dueling chairs that Anderson gets the advantage of quickly. He gets a little over zealous however allowing Bully to hit a spear and take get the offense going. Bully places a chair on top of Anderson and grabs his chain and wails away. He then wraps the chain around his arm and hits an elbow drop on Anderson, but only gets the two. Bully gets in the face of the ref allowing Anderson to take out Bully. Anderson goes under the ring and finds a section of guardrail. They both take turns trying to hit splashes on the guardrail and both hit nothing but guardrail. Anderson, recovers and hits a Mic Check on the guardrail, and goes for the pin, but only gets a two count. Undeterred Anderson grabs a table from under the ring and hits a Green Bay Plunge through the table, but once again can only manage a two count on Bully. Anderson now getting frustrated grabs a second table, but is cut off as he gets back into the ring. Bully sets up the table and then goes and grabs the lighter fluid from under the ring. He taunts Anderson with it which just gets Bully Mic Checked. Anderson sprays the fluid all over the table but before he can light it Bully hits a low blow, and a jumping piledriver for the win.

Winner: Bully Ray

This was a really physical bout. Lots of weapons and strong moves. Both men looked like they wanted to kill each other. Bully gets the win in the end, but it feels like he still hasn’t gotten the revenge he seeks for the death of the Ace’s & 8’s. 

Kurt Angle is still searching for Dixie when he finds Al Snow, he grabs him and starts looking for answers, but when Snow won’t talk, Angle throws him down and is on his way to the ring. In the ring, Dixie says involving his family  last week was across the line and calls Dixie out to the ring. Dixie comes to the ring and tells Angle that things are changing in TNA and he just needs to look at the big picture. She says she did what she did to protect him. She did want Kurt getting himself hurt, because then he wouldn’t be able to make any money for her or his family. She tells Kurt to trust he because she doesn’t want him making the same mistakes as AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy. Angle tells her thanks, but no thanks and that after his match, he will be in Sting’s corner tonight. Dixie at this point says Kurt is clearly not in a mental state to be able to wrestle and says the match will happen next week, and then asks security to escort Kurt from the building. When Kurt won’t leave, Roode comes down hits his version of the Attitude Adjust, now being called the Roode Bomb, on Angle. 

Jermey Borash is in the back, with Madison Rayne. Before Rayne gets a chance to talk Tapa gets in her face and Kim attacks her from behind leaving Rayne is bad shape for their match.

Dixie is in the back with Earl Hebner, she tells him that due to his actions in the AJ Styles match last week he won’t be the official for the Sting vs. EC3 match tonight, and she says she has the perfect ref in mind. 

Madison Rayne vs. Gail Kim(C) Knockout’s Championship match

Rayne is clearly the worse for wear as the match gets underway, giving Kim the early momentum. But a reversal shows Rayne still has signs of life, before Kim gets the offense rolling once again. KIm starts to get a little cocky and starts trash talking Rayne who fires up and eventually knocks Kim out of the ring in an offensive flurry. Rayne chases after Kim but is cut of by Tapa who picks Rayne up in a choke. The ref steps in and sends Tapa to the back for the interference. The damage has already been done however as this gives Kim the opportunity to lock on the figure four around the ring post. Rayne rolls out of the ring and as Kim lets the ref count Rayne barely makes it back in in time. Kim tries splashing Rayne in the corner, but Rayne uses kims momentum against her to throw her down and get the pin and become new Knockout’s champ.

Winner and New Knockout’s Champion: Madison Rayne

Nothing to special about this match unfortunately as typically the knockout’s have really good matches. The ending was also somewhat sudden as it wasn’t a typical finisher to end the match.

Sting is with JB in the back and says that he knows he has a lot of friends in the back, but he doesn’t want them to help him out tonight, because all tonight is about is getting his hands on EC3. 

Dixie is in her office talking to The American Wolves. She says that she can’t wait to see their tryout match, and hopes that she is impressed enough to grant them a contract. The Wolves inform her they actual already have signed TNA contracts, and hand her a legal envelope. She reads it as it says TNA has a new investor.

 The introductions are made for both EC3 and Sting, as they wait on there special ref. Rockstar Spud

Ethan Carter the Third vs. Sting w/ Rockstar Spud as the guest Referee

This match is all Sting. The only time EC3 ever gets anything going is when Spud interferes. Initially Spud kept Sting from doing anything in the corners always insisting on a clean break. Sting got feed up and to the match to the outside and ran EC3 into the steps and suplexes him on the ramp. Once they get back in the ring however Spud tries to stop Sting from hitting a Stinger splash which leads to EC3’s biggest offensive flurry of the match. Sting cuts it off and finally hits the splash in the corner and locks in the Scorpion death lock. Spud attacks Sting to break up the hold. This doesn’t stop sting at all however as he fights off both Spud and EC3. Sting hits the death drop, and  SPud refuses to count. Sting literally grabs Spud’s hand and forces him to count, but Magnus pulls Spud out of the ring. Magnus takes his shirt off to reveal a striped shirt on, while Sting is distracted EC3 goes for the roll up, and Magnus quick counts Sting giving EC3 the win.  

Winner: Ethan Carter the Third

This was really more a of a squash making Sting look super strong more than anything. The only times when EC3 showed any life at all where when Spud was getting in the way. The quick count keeps the undefeated streak alive, and now EC3 can say he beat Sting.

After the match Sting grabs a mic and tells Magnus he will do anything, to get him in the ring and a shot at the title. Magnus declines telling him that he lost the opportunity to ever fight for the belt again back at Slammiversary. Sting continues to talk and get under Magnus’ skin, eventually Magnus says that he will give Sting a shot but only if its title vs. career. Sting accepts and the match is set for next week.

TNA clearly had two weeks worth of Genesis in mind. They spent most of the first hour just with the backlash from Dixie’s actions last week. The matches all night were really nothing special. It does look like TNA is going all out with the in ring action next week with a full slate of matches that should be really good. There was a lot of story elements this week that was nice to see, hopefully next week TNA can deliver with the in ring action next week as well. 




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