No More iMPACT Zone?

Over the Weekend it came to light that the TNA couldn’t come to a deal and keep iMPACT at Universal Studios for the rest of the year. This couldn’t have come at a seemingly worse time for TNA. Over the past 6  months or so TNA have been cutting costs at every corner, and going back to Orlando was supposed to be one of the big things that helped them turn things back around, and with that corner stone gone, it could be just a matter of time for TNA. Yet, TNA does have time to make something happen. If losing their home had to come, then losing it now was better timing than it could have been.

With TNA already having homes for iMPACT through at least the end of February and at most Lockdown, they have 2 months to find a home. The next taping for iMPACT is for the live Genesis show in Huntsville, AL. TNA not only plans to have the live episode there, but also tape shows to fill time between then and the begining of the UK tour. Where they have scheduled two different arenas to tape the show, which is enough for up to four weeks of TV. Then Lockdown is set for early March, but no venue has been announced. That gives TNA plans for 6 taped weeks of iMPACT, and a PPV. 

What does all this mean? It means TNA still has time. Not a lot of time, but some time nonetheless. They need to find a new home because the road was one of the biggest blows to the TNA budget. They have cut a number of big a small names over the past few months and with the move back to Orlando, TNA had seemingly found a new focus, and the product was better for it. 

TNA behind the camera though has been getting worse and worse. From losing AJ when it seemed they had finally come to terms, and then losing Jeff Jarrett, and with the rumored sale falling through, and now losing the iMPACT Zone, nothing has gone right. These are dark times for TNA as a company, even as it seems the TV product is at it’s best in years. As an apologist, the biggest problems seem to be coming from the top, and the rumored sale may have been a good thing in the long run. For now though the first thing TNA needs to find is a new home. Then, they can find agents and Panda Energy still has funds. TNA has time just not much and they need some good news and need it quick. 


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Just a Wrestling fan that loves TNA. I became a fan back in the mid-90's nWo era WCW. Never been a nig fan of WWE, so when TNA came around, and then became popular, I was hooked all over again, and this is my thoughts on why LOLTNA should not exist.

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