iMPACT 1/2/14 Review

The show opens with Kurt Angle headed to the ring to make a “major announcement”. He says 2013  was not his year and dissapointed the his fans inside the ring and out. He says he wasn’t the cyborg in 2013, and before he can finish Bobby Roode interrupts him as he comes to the ring. Roode gets in Angle’s face and says that he wants Kurt to admit that it was him that finally got him to walk away from TNA, but Kurt responds that he was actually saying that 2014 was going to be the year that Kurt Angle becomes the cyborg once again and he wants to start the year off by beating Roode in one last match. Roode says he accepts only if it means that Angle is gone form TNA for good and will never accept his Hall of Fame nomination. Kurt agrees for the match and adds a steel cage stipulation, Roode accepts and they begin to fight. They get separated and Rockstar Spud comes out and says if they want to fight, go find a partner and they will have a tag team match later. 

In the back Dixie is shown getting a letter that says “see you tonight”. She looks stressed and nervous about the letter and gets Spud to try and find out who sent the letter. 

Back in the Ring Gail Kim  is talking about her open challenge and how there has been no one even close to being a challenge for her yet. She invites her oppenett out and it is Madison Rayne.

Gail Kim vs. Madison Rayne

Rayne gets the match started right at the bell, but Kim starts making a comeback. She gets in a lot of offense over the rest of the match. She attempts the eat defeat but Rayne reverses it and gets an offensive flurry of her own before Kim reverses a top rope attempt., but Rayne reverses the eat defeat a second time and get s the pin for the win. 

winner: Madison Rayne

In the back Kurt Angle recruits Gunner as his tag team partner for his match tonight. James Storm walks in and seems to be upset that Gunner would accept being a partner with someone else.

In the locker room of Sabin and Skye , Sabin tells Skye that he just needs her to do as she is told tonight and he will leave with his X division belt, but if she finds a way to cost him his title again he will be leaving the arena by himself. 

X Division Championship: Chris Sabin vs. Austin Aries (C)

Aries controls the match all the way through. He quickly goes for the last chancery and as Sabin tries to break the hold he motions towards Skye, who is at ringside, ti interfere, but she refuses. Throughout the entire match it seems like whenever he gets in trouble his immediate tactic is to turn to her for help. eventually Aries looks like he has the match won, but Skye reluctantly gets on the apron causing a distraction giving Sabin the opportunity to hit a low blow and get a quick roll up for the pin. 

Winner and New X Division Champion: Chris Sabin

Samuel Shaw vs. Norv Fernum

A squash match making Shaw look really strong, and introducing his new style in the ring to go along with his American Psycho/Dexter persona. He was very slow and methodical the entire match, cold  and calculated. He also never took his eyes of Christy Hemme, and more to that part of the character as well. His new finisher , a variation on a sleeper/choke hold, was also a great touch. 

Winner: Samuel Shaw

In the back Roode is talking to somebody about his match tonight.says he has people in mind as his partner and  initially declines saying there is noway he can trust him. The camera revels it is Storm, who says he doesn’t trust or like Roode, but he needs to be to prove a point and send a message. Bobby still says no, Storm says one way or the other he his making his point either as Roode’s partner or by kicking everyone’s ass. Roode thinks about it. 

Kurt Angle and Gunner vs. Bobby Roode and James Storm 

The match starts with Angle and Storm in the ring. Angle gets the early advantage and gets a quick tag into Gunner. Storm starts to get the momentum as he and his former teammate go ate before Roode tags himself in. Beer Money starts to settle in and work as team. They Keep Gunner in the match for the duration as they distract the ref whenever Gunner tries to tag in Angle. eventually Angle comes in and tries to get momentum on the side of his team,but a Last Call Superkick gives the win to Beer Money.

Winners: Beer Money

In the back Spud confronts Sting as the one who sent the letter, Sting has no idea what he is talking about , but tells spud that if he sees Dixie’s lap dog he is looking for him.

Ethan Carter the Third is in the ring. and cuts a promo about how in just three months of 2013 he changed the face of TNA and now in 2014 he will dominated 2014. He talks about how some of his critics have said maybe he isn’t facing stiff enough competition , so tonight he is going to call Jeff Hardy as his hand picked opponent. Sting comes out instead and starts berating EC3 and calling him nothing more than Dixie Carter’s lap dog because EC3 won’t fight Sting. Eventually Sting gets under EC3’s skin enough for him to accept that math at Genisis. 

In the back Eric Young in giving Joesph Park a pep talk and telling him this is the two year anniversary of when Abyss went missing. So tonight they are going back to where it all started in a match between park and Bully Ray. Ray comes up afterwards and tells Park not goout there because he will make Park burn for Mr. Anderson’s sins. 

Bully Ray vs. Joesph Park

The math lasts long enough for Park to walk across the ring and get low blowed but Bully. Then after the match as Park in on the ground Bully begins to soak Park in lighter fluid. Right before Bully puts the flames to Park, however, Ar. Anderson makes the save only to get covered in lighter fluid himself, as Bully walks away from the ring and Anderson. 

The ring is set up for the coronation of Magnus as Dixie’s TNA World Champion. We get speeches from Spud, EC3, and Dixie all before Magnus comes out. Nothing much to say from any of them, just general heel stuff, patting themselves, and mainly Dixie on the back. Magnus comes out and cuts his first heel promo since joining Team Dixie, and has more charisma than he has had ever. The heel turn maybe just what he needed to get over on the mic. Gunner eventually cuts the circle jerk off by trying to cash in his briefcase. He is beat down by the three men and never gets a chance to, however. Then AJ  Styles makes his return tending everyone scattering. He cuts a promo about being the real champ and how Magnus will never be able to call himself a champion until the two face off. Magnus accepts and next week it s a champion vs. champion winner take all match. 







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