Why iMPACT being taped isn’t all bad

Since the return to Orlando on thing has been a big turnoff for fans, the return of tapped iMPACT. While it appears as so they will return to live shows for the blow off events such as Genesis in January, that leaves at least three a month that are tapped. Many see this as a huge step backwards for the company which it can be.

The biggest complaint is that the audience already knows what is going to happen, which is only partially true. With the change back to tapping the show early, TNA has added a lot of backstage segments. No one had read about the awesome Rockstar Spud vignettes during his trip to find AJ Styles and recover the belt. All the “friends of AJ” promos. A lol of iMPACT no longer takes place in the ring.

The winners may be known, but that has never really mattered in wrestling. It’s not like the winners aren’t already predetermined, wrestling fans don’t watch the weekly shown to see who wins, they watch it for the in ring product and the story. The live monthly”ppv” shows are where you leave the important matches, where spoilers matter.

Another thing to remember is that some of the best years of iMPACT, the years when it was tapped. TNA knows how to work with a tapped program and they will be able to do it again.


About thetnaapologist

Just a Wrestling fan that loves TNA. I became a fan back in the mid-90's nWo era WCW. Never been a nig fan of WWE, so when TNA came around, and then became popular, I was hooked all over again, and this is my thoughts on why LOLTNA should not exist.

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