Final Resolution Recap

The show opens with Magnus coming out to the ring and demanding answers from Hardy about his meeting with Dixie last week. He brings Up 10/10/10 and how he hasn’t forgot Hardy’s past sins. Hardy comes out and tells Magnus he doesn’t know what he’s talking about but refuses to give a straight answer, instead Hardy just walks off. 

In the back Jeremy Borash is with Kurt Angle, who says tonight he is finally put the past few months behind him and start a brand new chapter for Kurt Angle. 

Kurt Angle vs. Bobby Roode 2 out of 3 falls 

The first fall is easily the best of the three,with neither wrestler wanting to give it up. A lot of back and forth action, at one point Angle almost runs into the ref, while the ref gets out of the way Roode hits a low blow and gets a pin.

The second fall is quick and Angle mounts a comeback and hit the Angle Slam for a pin and the second fall evening the score at one a piece.

The third fall the pace of the match slows down with both men going for submissions throughout. Kurt seems to have the match won with the Ankle Lock, but Roode turns it into a roll-up and grabs the ropes to get the pin and the match. 

Good match with an unexpected finish as it seems to be the sendoff match for this story, so seeing Roode go over was nice, even if he did have to cheat to win both of his falls to take the match. 

After the match Kurt is in the locker room talking about how he has out wrestled Roode every match, but some how keeps gets outsmarted in the ring, something that has never happened to him, when pressed about what was next for Angle he just said “to go home with his family.”

The Feast or Fired “winners” are seen entering a meeting room where they will have the reveal. EC3 is the last to arrive as he gets a call from Aunt D, trying a way out of the stipulation, if he were to get the fired case. Aunt D says her hands are tied and he has to follow through with whats in the case, no matter what.

Eric Young comes down to the ring to explain to Joesph Park why he believes Joesph Park is Abyss. EY explains that all the signs have pointed to it all along, and then tells Park that to prove his point next it will Park vs. Bad Influence in a monster’s ball match. Park asks why EY would do that to him, EY says calm down because he has some presents that might make him feel better: a chair, thumb tacks, and barbed wire, all some of Abyss’ signature weapons. Park still is having none of it however. That’s when EY says there is one last gift under the ring. Park looks under the ring to find “Janice” and as soon as Park sees the weapon, something changes in him, and he is mesmerized by it and tells EY he’ll take the match.

  It is time to reveal who won what in feast or fired last week. All for winners are in a meeting room in the back. James Storm is along with gunner. Dixie walks in and cuts a promo about her brilliance in coming up with the feast or fired concept, and how her new Dixieland match is going to be even better.

Zema Ion is the first to open his case, and he is granted a X Division title shot. Gunner is next, and he gets the World Title shot, this causes a lot of tension between him and Storm as Gunner is the one who knocked Storm out of the way to get that case.

Chavo and EC3  are left one gets a tag-team shot, the other is fired. Before they can reveal what’s in the last two cases, Sting comes in and talks to EC3. Sting says EC3 has been handed everything in life and it’s not fair that there is a 50/50 shot that Chavo, a man who has worked hard for everything, gets fired. Sting then sets up a deal that he will take whatever is in EC3’s case, so long as he gets a match against him. EC3 in great fashion does the double speak sounding likes he is going take Stings offer, but takes the easy route and chooses the case. EC3 and Chavo open their cases and EC3 gets the tag title shot, while Chavo is fired. EC3 and Dixie celebrate before Sting tells them they disgust him and consuls Chavo. 

Gail Kim & Lai’D Tappa vs. ODB and Madison Rayne

Decent match, not much happened. The finish saw Rayne pin KIm while ODB and Tappa fought outside the ring. It did what it needed to do nothing more. 

World Title Tournament Finals: Magnus vs. Jeff Hard Dixieland Match

A Dixieland match, is a two part match. It starts in the cage, where escape over the top is the only option. The second part involves climbing a ladder on the stage to retrieve the belt.

Before the match Hardy, who has been question by various superstars throughout the night, finally decides to come clean, and says that he thought about Dixie’s offer, but couldn’t go back to that place, and is going to do the right thing, and when he wins he is going to follow the lead of AJ. This brings Dixie out, she says that Hardy needs to remember the only reason he still has a job in the wrestling industry is because of her. Because even though everyone told her not to after Victory Road ’11, she stood by his side. So he needs to to the right thing by Dixie tonight or he’ll be unemployed just like AJ Styles.

Magnus comes out, and after the formal introductions the match begins.

The cage portion of the match is where most of the action happens. a lot of stuff off the top rope from both guys. A lot of back and forth. At one point Hardy tries going through the hole in the cage for the camera but Magnus pulls him back in. Eventually Hardy starts to get an edge and hits the Whisper in the Wind. Hardy climbs to the top of the cage, and decides that Magnus isn’t quite out yet, and hits another Whisper in the Wind this time from the top of the cage. Both men are down for a long time Hardy gets to his feet first and starts climbing the cage. Magnus follows suit on the other side of the ring. When they both are at the top EC3 tries to run interference and keep Magnus is the cage, but Hardy comes around and takes out Carter with a Twist of Fate, and before Magnus knows what happened Hardy hits him with a Twist of Fate as well. Dixie tries to stop Hardy from climbing the ladder but he just shoves her aside. When it looks like Hardy has the belt won, Rock star Spud shoves the ladder over. Giving Magnus an open shot for the belt. Magnus climbs the ladder unimpeded, and wins to become the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion. After the match Magnus celebrates with the Carters and Spud and it looks as though Dixie has found her champion. 


Overall a really good show. The two main events really delivered, and the Feast or Fired segment was awesome with the Sting/EC3 interaction. A lot of stories resolved and plenty more to keep the viewer wanting to comeback. In a time where it seems the WWE cares less and less about its big nights(PPV’s) Final Resultion delivered in terms of story and wrestling.      



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