Thanksgiving iMPACT Recap.

iMPACT  opens with Dixie coming out to the ring a cutting a promo announcing that next week will be the semi-finals of the TNA title tournament, with Booby Roode vs. Jeff Hardy in a tables match and Kurt Angle vs. Magnus in a last man standing match. She continues on to her newest hire, a new Chief of Staff: Rockstar Spud. This is a good move. He is better on the mic than her, and is dripping in charisma. Using him a lackey and a go between can keep Dixie out of the ring in live promos, where she still tends to struggle and keep her in the back, where she really does great. The last thing she announces in a Thanksgiving feast for all of tonight’s winners at the end of the show. EC3 then comes down at the end of the promo giving thanks to Aunt Dixie, for the opportunities shes given him  and talking up his next opponent, another TNA Legend.

EC3 vs. Curry Man

It was fun seeing Curry Man back in TNA for the night. It also helps with the EC3 build that started at Turning Point last week, with him going through TNA Legends that were all at best low mid-carders, yet beloved by the TNA fans. After weeks off beating the same two jobbers in different forms, he has started to take on, more established talent, yet still no one that can come close to his level in the ring. EC3 gets another win and continues build himself as one of the best heels in the company.

Velvet Sky vs. Lei’d Tapa 

In a quick squash this does everything it needs in terms of helping Tapa become a more believable body guard for Gail Kim. Really until now it has been mostly her imposing stature, than any actual in ring work. With this match she gets a big win over a former Knockout champ, looking strong with the quick decisive victory. 

Turkey Bowl 2013

Before the break, the Bro Mans are chilling in the back with their brand new DJ Zema Ion, when Eric Young brings back the tradition of the Turkey Bowl. A Thanksgiving day match where the loser must put on a turkey suit. He tells the Bro Mans that this years will be the first ever tag team turkey bowl, and their opponents, Norv Fernum and Dewy Barnes. The Bro Mans come out and cut a promo against “the nerds” as Taz has become fond of calling them. As the Bro Mans turn around to hand off the mics and start the match, Norv and Dewy go for a quick roll up on the the Tag Team Champs, but they kick out and before long the Bro Mans get the win. After the match as, Bro Mans try to humiliate Norv and Dewy, by forcing them to put on the turkey suit, this backfires as the crowd gets behind Norv and Dewy as they put on the suits and just have a great time. Pissing off the Bro Mans as they storm off while EY joins in the fun in the ring with Norv and Dewy.


AJ Styles

The Friends of AJ Styles put together another promo featuring AJ’s world tour. Then Dixie is shown in the back giving AJ an ultimatum, bring back the belt on next weeks iMPACT, or else. 

The Funeral of Aces & 8’s

This is easily the best of mixing in comedy, reality, and story serious story progression there can be. The preacher starts off the eulogy asking if anybody has anything to say about the Aces’ & 8’s. Mr. Anderson makes a grand entrance and starts things off with a some what meta promo about the group, followed by Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Eric Young, and even Mike Tenay. When Anderson comes back to the podium to close the funeral. Bully Ray enters the funeral home, and all the lightheartedness vanished, and the tension could be felt through the screen. He comes in says what he has to say, in a soft but stern tone, and walks away. Perfection.

8 man elimination tag

Team Roode(Bobby Roode, Chris Daniels, Kazarian, and Chris Sabin) vs. Team Angle (Kurt Angle, Gunner, James Storm, and Magnus). The match is controlled by EGO who have been teaming together for months while there is a little dissension in the ranks of Team Angle. James storm is the first eliminated followed quickly Gunner, putting Team Angle at a 2 to 4 disadvantage. The match goes to the outside and Magnus tries to come off the apron, but hurts himself in the process taken himself out of the match living Angle as the last man for his team. The numbers are just too much and eventually Kurt resorts to using a chair and gets himself DQ’d giving the win to Team Roode, but ends standing tall. This match did a lot in a short time span, the rift between Storm and Gunner has gotten wider, Magnus is hurt going into his match against Angle next week, and Roode can now say he has won 3 matches in a row against Kurt Angle.

The Winner Winner Turkey Dinner feast.

The last segment brings together all the winners of the nights matches, and all get a chance to cut a short promo, and as Bobby Roode starts to gloat about beating Angle again, Kurt comes out with the rest of the nights losers and a fun food fight/brawl ensues, giving the fans something to cheer as the good guys stand tall, fans chanting TNA, TNA, TNA, as the show ends. 


A great episode. A lot happened in a short time span, great build for the younger stars EC3 and Lei’D Tapa, and even Norv and Dewey. The end of Aces’ & 8’s with a great segment that also built towards a rematch between Mr. Anderson and Bully Ray. Rockstar Spud was great throughout the night in his segments pre paring the Thanksgiving Feast. Nothing felt like a waste of time, and everything was building. 








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